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Get instant access to…01…Hundreds of Click & Print Tools

No need to enter your email address to access each resource. Just click, print, & and start building skills with children. You’ll find therapy tools for kids of all ages. Includes printable resources, virtual therapy materials, handouts, worksheets, motor and coordination tasks, and so much more…all broken down into categories so they are easy to find and based on the skills you want to develop:

  • Handwriting
  • Scissor Skills
  • Executive Functioning
  • Sensory
  • Vision
  • Fine Motor
  • Gross Motor
  • Mindfulness
  • Social Emotional Skills
  • Virtual Therapy Slide Decks
  • Therapist Professional Development & Educational Handouts!

02… New Exclusive Resources Each Month

The tools don’t stop there! You’ll get access to NEW exclusive tools each month to develop each area listed above.

  • Themed therapy tools to cover handwriting, scissor skills, visual processing skills, gross motor skills, mindfulness, social emotional development, sensory processing, executive functioning skills, fine motor development, and more.
  • Simply log into your account and check out “what’s new”.
  • Each month includes new Therapy Plans to cover a variety of goal areas and skills based on a theme that kids will LOVE.

03…Ad-Free Blog Content 

You’ve asked for it! This is your opportunity to read everything on The OT Toolbox website without the ads!

  • Read the entire OT Toolbox website with an easy-to-read ads-free experience.
  • Browse thousands of resources and blog posts for activity ideas and tools to help kids develop skills.

04…Monthly Themed Therapy Kits

If you love our fine motor kits, now you can get the whole series! Each month, you get a kit that covers areas such as bilateral coordination, fine motor skills, hand strength, visual motor integration, pencil grasp, and much more. (This benefit is in our PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION LEVEL)

  • Get access to a new themed “Therapy Kit” each month. Kids will love seeing what’s new in your kid-kit each month!

05…Easy Access Freebie Library

No password needed…just click the link and access our newsletter subscriber freebie library.

  • No need to enter a password! Just click and go.
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You’ll get a 20% off coupon code to use anytime you like! Grab the latest tools and help kids thrive! (Excludes products listed by therapy vendors).

Therapists spend a TON of their own personal time on planning therapy sessions, purchasing toys and resources to use in therapy sessions. This membership saves you time, effort, and gives you back your weekends.

Parents, educators, and caregivers, counselors…anyone serving children need structured and focused strategies to solve developmental needs in kids.

Whether you’re serving kids with regulation needs, sensory challenges, handwriting & pencil grasp issues, or other specific need areas, we’ve got you covered on easy, structured, and FUN therapy ideas.


If you LOVE The OT Toolbox content, and free resources (but hate entering your email address each time), and LOVE having therapy plans prepared for you, this is the plan for you!

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