Baby Bath Ice Play

Tonight we filled the tub with warm water, added children, and ice???!!!
We threw in a few ice cubes and added some cups to catch the ice cubes for a fun change to the typical bath time. This is such a great game to work on baby’s eye-hand coordination. She watched the ice slip around and chased after it with her hands. She was able to catch it most of the time. Crossing midline (reaching the right hand over to the left side of the body and vice versa) is crucial for so many functional skills of a child. Crossing midline builds neural pathways of the brain and is needed for learning. 

(that’s a lot of ice…we didn’t use it all…only a handful of ice cubes!)

The big kids used cups to catch the ice cubes, transfer them cup-to-cup, and kid-to-kid! 
We warmed up the water once, but a few ice cubes didn’t make the bath too cool. Keep a close eye on baby to make sure any caught ice cubes don’t become choking hazards. 
Baby Girl loves her bath time and ice only made it better today!

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