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Occupational Therapy Resources

These occupational therapy free resources are pediatric occupational therapy activities to help therapists, parents, and teachers support child development. The OT Toolbox offers activities, resources, and tools for pediatric occupational therapy interventions, but also much more; Here, you will find precise therapy resources in the way of handouts, worksheets, and educational materials to support occupational therapy for children.

Pediatric therapy requires many various topics and tools. Here on The OT Toolbox, you will find materials to support OT for kids whether you are a therapist, a teacher, or a parent. Use these free resources for designing pediatric therapy services in school-based OT, outpatient pediatric therapy clinics, or in early intervention home therapy. 

Pediatric Occupational Therapy

Pediatric occupational therapists will find the free OT resources helpful to supplement treatment activities when they are too busy to reinvent the OT wheel. These free worksheets, handouts, and educational materials support therapists for children including OT, PT, ST, and other professionals. Therapists can use these materials for face-to-face therapy services, in occupational therapy teletherapy services, and in occupational therapy at home programs. Free therapy resources include: free teletherapy slide decks, free screening tools, worksheets, handouts, educational materials, and more.

Free Teacher Resources

Teachers in special education or inclusive classrooms can understand what’s really going on behind learning difficulties and behaviors. Teachers can use these free resources in the classroom to address overwhelming busy days and support diverse learners through differentiated teaching by offering students the supports they need for classroom success. 

Free teacher resources include: classroom strategies, hands-on teaching plans, supplemental activities for creative lesson plans, differentiated teaching resources, and more.

Parent Resource Center

Parents of neurodiverse children, typically developing children, as well as special needs children will find these free resources as strategies to help their children become more independent so they can succeed in the home and at school. As an essential part of the child’s team, parents can use these educational resources, hands-on activities, and worksheets to help children thrive. 

Free parent resources include: developmental milestone charts, “red flag” screening tools, educational materials, occupational therapy at home activities and materials, and advocacy resources.

Browse these free resources for occupational therapy by category, topic, or specific need.