Presidents Day Coloring Pages

Today we have a fun printable resource: presidents day coloring pages! These are great for President’s Day, but also any any holiday with flags and stars. We know the power of coloring in developing fine motor skills, visual motor skills. Be sure to grab these free printable coloring pages of presidents and US holiday images! You’ll also want to use these occupational therapy coloring pages in building skills in therapy, at home, and in the classroom. 

President's Day coloring pages

Get this free printable at the bottom of the post, as well as way to use this US presidents activity in a variety of ways to support OT goal areas.

Presidents day coloring pages

Presidents Day is nearing and what will you do? How about coloring?  You can simply work on coloring or jazz it up and combine colors to create a new color!  Read on and you will find coloring sheets appropriate for multiple skill levels and sheets that help to celebrate past and current presidents.

Do you want to expand on how you use these sheets?  Use them as an opportunity to learn about the United States Presidents from George Washington, Thomas Jefferson to the current president, Joe Biden, and all others in between.  

Read on to find coloring and learning sheets designed for ALL ages!

February 21st is President’s Day but we designed these Presidents Day Coloring Pages to be used for various holidays in America. They include other items to color:

  • Flag
  • Stars and Stripes
  • Presidents of the United States
  • more

President coloring sheets and learning pages are great for American history, Presidents Day, and for the season. Once the weather begins to warm some, you can pull these out and share how some of these presidents have shaped our country.  You will find simple coloring sheets for youngsters and coloring pages with key facts about each president to supplement the educational program intended for the day. 

Need to more fully understand what skills are involved in learning to color or do you need other ideas for how to teach coloring skills?

Then check out our posts here at The OT Toolbox – How to Teach Coloring Skills which teaches the skills needed for coloring, coloring skills by age, and the tools you can use to teach coloring to multiple age groups, and The Benefits of Coloring with Crayons that teaches why coloring with crayons provides so many benefits and helps to build important basic skills. Don’t forget while you’re there to check out this post too – How to Teach Carryover of a Functional Grasp with Coloring which gives you tips to teach kids to carryover the grasp skills they’ve learned in therapy during coloring.

free presidents day coloring pages

Use these President’s Day coloring sheets in a variety of ways:

  1. Color in single objects to work on hand strength
  2. Address line awareness and spatial awareness
  3. Work on spatial relations by identifying objects in relation to others
  4. Direction-following skills: Ask the child to color a specific object on the president coloring pages a certain color and then another item a different color. You can make this specific to the child’s needs and grade the activity
  5. Play a Presidents Day I Spy game: Ask the child to find and color Abraham Lincoln for example
  6. Work on handwriting skills- Ask the child to color an object and then write the words on paper.
  7. Address scissor skills- Cut out pictures on the President’s Day coloring sheets
  8. Write sentences with patriotic vocabulary using the images on the free worksheets

How will you use this PDF file to develop skills with a president’s day theme?

We hope that you have enjoyed this collection of Presidents Day coloring sheets which provides a variety of sheets that addresses multiple skills while also giving the coloring aspect as the main reason for it. These are perfect for the upcoming holiday, so just print them and celebrate! 

Get your presidents Day activities sheets below

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Free Presidents Day Coloring Pages

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    President's Day coloring pages