Creative Art Ideas for Kids

Looking for creative art ideas to add to an art planning session? We’ve shared creative painting ideas before but the ones below are more general art activities you can add to the mix. Need some creative painting activities or fun ways to incorporate out of the box art materials? These art activities are fun ways to add a bit of creativity to process art!

Creative Art Ideas

Is there anything more fun than creating art projects with the kids?  Using unique materials to create, creative ways to paint, and fun ways to explore textures are just fun! 
There are so many ways to learn and explore with creative art projects.  Exploring nature, gravity, textures, and science all while making unique and gorgeous art…now that is cool! 
Check out these ideas:

Creative Art Projects for Kids

Creative Art Ideas


Fantastic Fun and Learning  used   Yarn Stamp Art
 to paint into pretty patterns and colors.  Kids can explore patterns and textures while stamping away with their own DIY stamps.  Now that is fun art!
How can you get crafty with nature?  Buggy and Buddy shares a super cool way that Using Sticks in Art for Kids can make fun art.  It’s time to get outside and get crafty.
Have a car lover in your house?  Why not foster that love into a gorgeous work of art with Racing Rainbow Painting Cars from Fantastic Fun and Learning.
 Mama to 5 Blessings shows us how to make art based on the stars!  Love those Construction Paper Art projects!
Make your own DIY Shape Stamps with Styrofoam and stamp away with shapes, patterns…or just be creative with that stamping! 
For more stamping fun, try this Goop Stamp Painting.  This was seriously a fun and different way to paint.  Super sensory and very messy, but it was totally worth the mess!

 Sensory Creative Art for Kids!

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