DIY castle cardboard blocks

We love planning parties.  Recently, we had a Princess Party for my little princess.  One of the activities we had planned for the kids were these giant castle blocks made from diaper boxes.  These were fun for the cousins to play with, imagine with, build, knock down, and build again! 

DIY Giant Building Bocks

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I started by gathering up a bunch of cardboard boxes.  Between a couple of sisters and sisters-in-law, I had enough diaper boxes to make this giant stack.  (There are a lot of cousins in diapers around these parts).

I used left over white wall paint to cover all of the diapers.  This was a quick job with a paint roller brush.  Lay the boxes out on a large tarp
in the yard and paint the top and two sides.  When the paint has dried, rotate the boxes and paint the other three sides.  The neighbors won’t think you’ve lost your marbles, promise.  Maybe.

Once the white paint has dried, use a large bone sponge dipped in a tray of silver paint.  Dab the sponge shape onto the white boxes to make “bricks” of the castle walls.  Our silver paint dripped a TON at first.  Once I got the hang of how much paint to use on the sponge, it went much better.  Too much paint, and you’ll have lots of drips.

These castle blocks were used at the party for princesses and knights.  We’ve been using them ever since in daily play in our basement.  We even have a booby trap set up by Little Guy right now. 

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