DIY Shape Stamps

These DIY Shape stampers were part of a craft we made waaaaaay back at the beginning of the month before Valentine’s Day. (HOW did February fly by so fast???)  We cut heart shapes from Styrofoam packaging sheets and stamped hearts.  The hearts decorated our front window for a few weeks.  While we stamped the hearts, I cut out a few other shapes from the Styrofoam sheet and had a little fun with shapes!

Shape Stamps

Creative painting with styrofoam shape stamps

This was a simple craft and creative way to paint while learning about shapes.  baby Girl is only just learning her shapes and calls everything a triangle.  Little Guy is happy to help her out with the correct shape name…calling out the shape before she even has a chance to answer!

A few shapes cut from Styrofoam sheets were all we needed to get started.  We stamped the shapes in red paint but adding more colors in there would made a fun creative painting art project.

Some of the shapes didn’t turn out exactly like they should have…but it was fun!

Stamping with these palm-sized stamps is a fun way to cross midline (reaching across the middle of the body) as Baby Girl reached to dip the shape in paint and then to stamp the shape onto the paper.  Crossing midline is an important skill for little ones.  This activity would be great for kids with special needs or difficulty using one hand/arm. 

Baby Girl wanted to paint some of her stamps too.  She is big-time into all things painting!

Our DIY stamps turned out to be a lot of fun and a great way to decorate our window for a holiday.  We re-used our hearts and made a fun spring flower with the prints.  Watch this space to see more crafty fun and see where this project went!
We’ve been having fun with our Styrofoam activities this month.  Lots of fun activities are linked up and if you’ve got any fun Styrofoam blog posts, be sure to stop by and share them with us!