Dyed Pasta Tic Tac Toe

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We love a fun game of tick tac toe.  We play with pretty much any manipulative and on paper with shapes, letters, numbers, or drawings.  This Pasta Tic Tac Toe game used dyed pasta and has kept us busy for many a game of tic tac toe!

homemade tic tac toe game with dyed pasta

EASY Tic Tac Toe game with dyed pasta

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food coloring and pasta.  You can use any shape or type of pasta.  Add the dried pasta and a few drops of food coloring to a plastic baggie.  Add a squirt of
hand sanitzer and shake the bag.  Allow the pasta to dry overnight until the dye is dry.  You are ready to play.  We drew a board quickly and have been playing a lot of tic tack toe.  Have fun with your tic tac toe manipulatives!

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