Easy Handwriting Tips

If you are a reader of this blog, then you know there are a lot of easy handwriting tips and posts to be found. Helping kids improve their handwriting is one topic that I love to write about and share ideas. I decided to take my top 30 ways to help kids work on handwriting and share them over the course of a month.  So, save this page, bookmark it, or pin it and stop back often for a month of creative handwriting tips and quick fixes.

I love to share easy, fun, and creative ways to help kids work on their handwriting here and on social media too.  That’s why I’m excited to have started a Facebook Group just for handwriting help.  This is a place where you can find resources, help, tips, and ideas to help kids with handwriting.  Join me in the Sweet Ideas for Handwriting Help Facebook group.

One quick tip to help with handwriting issues is to support handwriting at home! Use these carry over strategies to work on OT handwriting goals through handwriting homework and daily practice.

Easy handwriting tips and ways to help kids work on legibility in handwriting using 30 quick fixes

Easy ways to work on handwriting

Working on pencil control in handwriting? Why not start a handwriting club for kids? Kids can work on handwriting skills in a fun way. Here’s how to start a handwriting club kids will WANT to join!


Stop back each day to see all of the posts this month! 

 color mixing letter formation activity bold lines handwriting trick Small pencil trick for helping with a better pencil grasp  Thumb IP joint flexion pencil grasp trick
Easy handwriting tips and quick ways to help kids improve their handwriting.

For now, try these Handwriting Tips and Handwriting Quick Fixes: