Gratitude Craft Counting Blessings with Kids

We are so blessed.  Our family, our health, our home, everything that we do and say each day is because of the blessings that we have been given.  We are thankful all year long for all that we have been blessed with, but this time of year, it is especially appropriate to count and express gratitude for our blessings.  The kids and I create a Thanksgiving Tree or Gratitude Garland each year to display everything that we are thankful for.

This year we made our gratitude leaves into a sun catcher flower craft.  We can see our leaves an all of the blessings each day as we eat our meals together.

Gratitude Sun Catcher Craft

Gratitude Craft for Kids

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I love to do a version of this activity with the kids each November as we gear up for the holiday season.  Counting and writing out our blessings is a joyful way to head into Thanksgiving.  The display is something we love to look at our display each day and the kids will ask, “what does that leaf say?” as we read through our gratitude leaves.

This year, we made a craft to display our blessings.  I like to maintain the leaf theme each year with this activity.

I set out a basket of leaves made from construction paper.  This is super easy to throw together.  Snip up a few simple leaf shapes and a black marker, and you’re good to go.  Sit the kids down and start talking about gratitude.

These leaves crack me up!  The gratitude for “big imaginations, energy, and nice people”?? There’s a lot of thankfulness in our house for candy and cheez-its.

We glued our leaves together to form a flower.

Make the sun catcher part of the flowers by painting a thin layer of green paint onto clear cellophane wrap.  Be sure to smear the paint on nice and thin.  Fold the cellophane over.  You may need to let the sun catchers dry over night if too much paint is used.  We were able to cut the stems right away without paint dripping from the sides.

Cut strips of the green sun catchers and hang the flowers on the window with tape.

Be sure to count blessings with the kids every day!