Ice Cream Bean Bag Tutorial

These ice cream bean bags are the perfect way to sneak in a little proprioceptive input this summer with an ice cream theme.  We’ve shared the proprioception benefits of bean bags before and this summer activity is great for kids craving heavy work input of needing a bit of upper extremity strengthening.

Today, I’m sharing how to make these ice cream cone bean bags with an ice cream bean bag tutorial.  It’s super simple, (I promise!) and requires zero measuring of fabric.  Use these bean bags in learning and play while having fun with an ice cream cone theme!

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Ice cream cone bean bag tutorial

Ice Cream Cone Bean Bag Tutorial

These ice cream cone bean bags are truly easy to make.  I actually have had them in the house for a few years.  They made their debut in our Candy Land party from a couple of years back and recently have been used as a fun proprioception activity with a learning twist.

Easy ice cream cone bean bag idea for proprioception and sensory play for kids.

How to Make Ice Cream Cone Bean Bags:

You’ll need fabric in different colors.  We used fleece in brown, pink, blue, yellow, and green.  Any fabric or felt would work well, I just used fleece because that’s what we had in the house.  To make the ice cream cones, start snipping fabric.  

Here’s the best part of these cones: There is NO need to measure.  If you want totally perfect and uniform ice cream cone bean bags, then go ahead and create a cardboard template before cutting the fabric.  I went with easy and therefore ended up with random sizes and crooked cones.  And, those wacky ice cream cones were still fun to play with!

Cut the fabric into triangles and semi-circles.

Next, you’ll need a sewing machine that is hooked up with thread.  Being the “sewing mama” that I am (sarcasm noted?) I have stitches that are wonky, over stitched, under-stitched, and completely unprofessional.  These bean bags are still fun to play with!

Sew the strait part of the semi-circle to the triangle.  Do this with all of the triangles and semi-circles.

Sew the triangles together and most of the semi-circles, leaving a small opening at the top to add the filler.

Add bean bag filler.  You might want to try dry beans, dry split peas, field corn, or plastic pellets. Use a funnel to add the filler to the opening you’ve created.  

When the bean bags are full, stitch the hole closed.

Sewing tips from a total sewing novice:

  • Take your time, or speedy sew like I do and get the job done as fast as possible.  Both methods work.
  • Use the zig zag stitch to keep the filler in place.
  • Be prepared to crazy-looking ice cream cone bean bags, but ones that are totally fun to play with.
Easy ice cream cone bean bag idea for proprioception and sensory play for kids.

Ice Cream Cone Bean Bag Proprioception Activity

Throwing bean bags is a great way to add in heavy work to the upper body.  Read more about that here.
Find a large bowl and toss the bean bags from near, far, seated on the floor, sitting up on a chair.  Drop them from a step stool, or toss them across the room.  There are so many ways you could play with these ice cream cone bean bags while adding in proprioception to the play!

Easy ice cream cone bean bag idea for proprioception and sensory play for kids.
Why not try a learning activity with the ice cream cones?  You’ll find out how we did that very soon!

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