Indoor Balance Beam Ideas for a Rainy Day

Some of our favorite ways to work on gross motor skills are with a simple balance beam.  With the start of warmer weather, the kids are constantly active and outdoors.  But sometimes, it’s impossible to get outside when the weather is rainy.  Other times, kids need a break from very hot temperatures.  It’s a great idea to work those core muscles as well as balance with sensory vestibular input through play with balance beam play weather the kids are playing indoors or out. These ideas would work for rainy indoor days, too!

Kids love balance beams!  There is a good reason to promote them, too. Balance, core strength, and bilateral coordination are all addressed with just a simple balance beam.  You can find out more about these areas in our How Balance Beams Help Kids

If you are looking for more information on how core strength helps with attention in kids, read this Core Strength and Attention activity that we did previously.

This Brain Gym Bilateral Coordination activity is a great way to get both sides of the body moving in a coordinated manner through play. 

Indoor balance beam ideas for a rainy day

Indoor Balance Beam Ideas for a Rainy Day

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Cut paper into shapes.  Kids can cut out these shapes and tape them to the floor to create an indoor balance beam on a rainy day.  Some of these ideas would work:
Shamrocks Balance Beam
Paper snowflakes
Paper hearts
Paper suns
Paper flowers

More indoor balance beam ideas for a rainy day activity:

Foam cutouts like these flowers.

Stick painters’ tape to the floor in a balance beam, using zig zag lines.

Gonge Riverstones are a great challenge to the vestibular system with various sloped sides. 

Paper plates-Tape them down so they don’t slide, or use them on a carpet for a sliding balance beam challenge!

The BSN Gymnastics Curve-A-Beam can be reconfigured in many patterns and directions.

Roll up a blanket or sheet as a balance beam like this Gross Motor Apple Tree Balance Beam.

This Folding Beam is great for storage concerns. Add creative balance beam activities like transferring items from a bucket at one end to a bucket at the other end.

Balance Pods can be positioned in any room or activity. Encourage big and little steps by spacing them closely and further apart.

Stepping Buckets Balance challenge motor planning. Place obstacles in between the buckets for more visual tracking while working on vestibular sensory integration.

Rainy day ideas including indoor balance beams for kids

Looking for more ways to move and play indoors?  Try these ideas:

Indoor Tee Pee

3 Ingredient Kinetic Sand

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