Introducing The OT Toolbox Member Therapy Club

Many readers of The OT Toolbox have asked for a place to access all of our downloads in one place. They’ve requested a subscription to our most popular products. Readers have requested a way to access our blog posts without the distraction of ads. And now, that resource is here! Already, many occupational therapy professionals are now grabbing the variety of benefits inside the club. Although helping others is the most significant benefit, many other amazing privileges are derived when joining this long-awaited membership club. Let’s take a look at the new resource here on the website: the brand new occupational therapy toolbox membership!

The OT Toolbox members club membership for occupational therapists is an occupational therapy club that offers tools to help kids develop.

Today, I wanted to share with you, as the creator of The OT Toolbox, more about one of my biggest goals for this website.

Since it’s creation, the mission of The OT Toolbox has been to help therapy professionals, parents, educators, (and anyone working with children) to help the kids they love and serve, to thrive and develop skills. My goal has always been to provide therapists, educators, and parents with the resources they need to help kids thrive…at a free or low cost while saving you time so you can help those children.

Occupational Therapy professionals go through years of schooling, and then fieldwork placements. However, once they are out in the field, that education and learning as a professional doesn’t end. OT professionals attend continuing education courses, attend professional affiliation meetings, and are constantly learning and developing as a professional. Many go on to gain additional certifications or degrees. And there are fabulous communities of OT professionals to be found on Facebook and other social media outlets.

These are face-to-face and virtual spaces where you can find resources, ask other OTs questions, and grow as a professional through a community environment. But many times, therapy professionals struggle to find the precise tools to serve their clients. 

  • We spend hours outside of the job looking for activity ideas.
  • We purchase treatment materials with our own money.
  • We spend evenings and weekends surfing blogs to access downloads and find the information that we need.
The OT Toolbox Member's Club for occupational therapy professionals and anyone serving kids.

The OT Toolbox Member’s Club

All of this is the WHY behind The OT Toolbox Member’s Club.

My goal for this website has always been to provide therapists, educators, and parents with the resources they need to help kids thrive…at a free or low cost while saving you time so you can help those children.

And, The OT Toolbox has provided that resource. But now it’s even better.

Get new therapy resources each month in this occupational therapy club.

New Therapy Resources Each Month

Therapy professionals, educators, parents, and anyone helping kids develop skills pay for materials and resources out of their own pocket. I wanted to over-deliver valuable tools that can be added to their “toolbox” without spending an arm and a leg each month. With the Member’s Club, members will get new materials each month. They can click right on a button and download what they need.

New resources cover all areas: handwriting, cursive writing, letter formation, pencil control, executive functioning skills, visual perceptual skills, fine motor skills, life skills, scissor skills, gross motor skills, self-regulation, social emotional skills, functional tasks like self-care, keyboarding, and more.

New resources are a benefit of both Level 1 membership and Level 2 (premium) membership.

One perk of the OT Toolbox Member's club is access to our hundreds of downloads, with the click of a button.

Therapy Downloads all in one place

>>>I wanted to take all of the free downloads on the site and make it faster to access. Therapy professionals are looking for materials in their precious down time. That time after working long days should go to family time, self-care, and rest…so you CAN serve your clients at the level they need. I wanted to offer an option to get those materials like handouts, printable materials, worksheets, slide decks, and e-books right away. Without entering your email for each one, having to go to your inbox to get it, and then spending time surfing the site to find another complementary resource.

This is a benefit of both Level 1 membership and Level 2 (premium) membership.

Therapy Kits are themed PDF packs of occupational therapy resources and tools to support kids' development.

Monthly Therapy Kits

>>>I wanted to take our most popular products, our Fine Motor Kits, and offer them on a subscription level…so you pay one price and get a year’s worth of materials and themes. So the kids that love these activities can complete fine motor, handwriting, cutting, executive function, self-regulation, social emotional TASKS again and again and not realize that the fun, themed activity they are doing is actually helping them grow and develop as an individual.

Monthly Therapy Kits are a benefit of our premium, Level 2 membership.

Exclusive Coupon Codes

>>>I wanted to offer VIP readers (the ones that love this site and keep coming back), our best discounts. 

Both levels of membership receive a coupon code for 20% items in our shop. This coupon code can be used over and over again. (Exclusions apply: The code does not apply to Vendor Products, resources created by outside therapy businesses and hosted on The OT Toolbox shop.)

You can now read The OT Toolbox in an ad-free experience when you join the OT Member's Club.

AD-Free Blog Content

>>>I wanted to take all of the information found on The OT Toolbox and make it easier to read. Easier to access. And easier to consume. I wanted to offer an ad-free environment for readers to access the information on this website.

Ads are a necessary part of the internet. It’s what keeps this site running so we can pay the hosting bills and email service providers. It’s what allows us to pay contributor writers, who offer their expertise and experiences in blog posts. Ads are what pay for the systems and technology so we can create and deliver free downloads. So they are a must for delivering great materials…but I wanted to make the content so easy to digest that you can implement it right away and help your kids’ thrive.

Ad-free content is a benefit of Level 2, premium membership.

All of this is WHY the OT Toolbox Member’s Club has come to be!

A Club for Occupational Therapists

And when I say a “club for occupational therapists”, I really mean ALL OTs: OTs, OTAs, OT students, and OT faculty.

But, in reality, this therapy club benefits the child. It has materials and resources for anyone that works with kids on accomplishing skills: professionals that work with therapists, parents whose children receive or potentially receive OT, educators, counselors, advisors, speech therapy professionals, physical therapists, physical therapy students, and others in the speech language or physical therapy profession.

As “helpers”, much of our time is spent managing full schedules, offering consultation, and dealing with payor sources. The time to create resources and find fresh intervention material is just not always available.

…if you serve a child who is developing skills, or you have a passion for helping kids with or without disabilities, this therapy club is for you.

Our occupational therapy club offers monthly resources, and many more benefits.

Introducing: The OT Toolbox Member’s Club

The Member’s Club is a membership program that is designed to help you simplify your life while helping the kids you serve, every day.

Inside The Member’s Club we deliver activities that are designed for kids from toddlers-teens. AND we design handouts for educational purposes. AND we create tools to make service providers lives’ easier.

  • All of our downloads are in one place, broken down by skill area so you don’t have to enter your email address every time.
  • You can read the entire website without the distraction of ads.
  • You get tons of exclusive & new resources to use each month.
  • AND you get access to a monthly Therapy Toolkit.

Helping To Teach Others

Included in the Club are materials to educate others. You’ll find educational handouts and resources that explain why a child might struggle in the way they do. You’ll find “red flag” resources to help determine if your child needs to be seen by an occupational therapist.

You’ll find a variety of resources and tools to help teach others so that the kids you serve thrive.

You’ll find educational handouts such as:

  • Handwriting Tips
  • Impulse Control Strategies
  • Sensory Processing Red Flags
  • Visual Processing Red Flags
  • Self-Monitoring Handouts
  • MORE

Leadership Skills

Also in the Club, you’ll find therapist resources and tools to help therapists develop professionally. These are the materials needed to develop leadership skills. When we make a targeted attempt to better ourselves professionally, we learn and accomplish goals. This personal growth as a professional better serves those we treat.

Some of the therapy professional tools include materials such as:

  • Evidence appraisal forms
  • Meet the therapist forms
  • Therapy planning tools
  • Strategies to advance as a clinician (Coming in December!)
  • How to advance clinical reasoning (Coming in December!)
  • Professional Collaboration Strategies (Coming in December!)
  • MORE

Helping You Be a Better OT

Inside The Member’s Club we deliver activities that are designed for kids from toddlers-teens! AND we design handouts for educational purposes. AND we create tools to make service providers lives’ easier.

The therapy Club is designed to support you at any point in the journey – whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned expert at getting kids the “just right” challenge when building skills.

Kids need fun & engaging activities more than ever. And you need a way to track data each progress period. You need carryover at home. And you need low-prep/no-prep materials. Kids need -more than ever- to address regulation, strengthen fine motor skills, support executive functioning, and more.

And if you know anything about The OT Toolbox, it’s that we love to over-deliver when it comes to resources.

I love to support the parents, teachers, therapy professionals, caregivers…everyone working with kids that need engaging tasks that build skills. Take a look…

And check out how to join The OT Toolbox Member’s Club!

As a club member, there are two levels of options:

Level 1 Membership

  • Access to all of our downloads with one click
  • New resources and tools each month
  • An exclusive coupon in The OT Toolbox shop, to use whenever you want

Level 2 Membership

  • Access to all of our downloads with one click
  • New resources and tools each month
  • An exclusive coupon in The OT Toolbox shop, to use whenever you want
  • ADS-Free experience on the entire website
  • 12 Themed Therapy Kits (one each month)
  • One click access to our newsletter subscriber library without entering your password
There are 2 levels of membership in The Member's Club. Select the therapy club level that works best for you.
There are 2 levels of membership in The Member’s Club. Select the one that works best for you.

 Reasons to Become a Member

Here’s what I know for sure…

Therapists spend a TON of their own personal time on planning therapy sessions, purchasing toys and resources to use in therapy sessions. This membership saves you time, effort, and gives you back your weekends.

Parents, educators, and caregivers, counselors…anyone serving children needs a structured and focused set of strategies to solve developmental needs in kids.

Whether you’re serving kids with regulation needs, sensory challenges, handwriting & pencil grasp issues, or other specific need areas, we’ve got you covered on easy, structured, and FUN therapy ideas.

And I want the same for you.

This is how I came to create The OT Toolbox Member’s Club.

I would love to officially welcome you to the OT Toolbox Therapy Club!

Occupational Therapy Club Tools & Training

Take a look inside the Club

Here’s a sneak peek of what your member dashboard looks like and how you’ll access your activity plans:

The OT Toolbox dashboard is a therapy club for downloadable resources.

DASHBOARD AREA- When you go to the main dashboard, you’ll see toolboxes for each skill area. Click on the button and you’ll get all of the downloads available on the site for that area. Just click download and you are good to go with the tools you need. There are hundreds of downloads here…

New resources each month in the OT therapy club

WHAT’S NEW SECTION- These materials will be new each month, so you get themed tools to use based on the season, holiday, or topic. This month, we’ve got Thanksgiving and Forest Animals activities. But, you’ll also find resources you can use year-round for handwriting, executive functioning, cursive, etc. Each month, those “evergreen” materials will be moved to their corresponding “download library” so you can get them when you need them. And the next month, you’ll find more seasonal materials added to the “what’s new” page. 

THERAPY KITS EACH MONTH- Then, if you are a premium subscriber (Level 2), you get a Therapy Toolkit each month. This month’s kit is our Thanksgiving Kit. Each month will be a new kit…along with some surprise bonuses..:) 


  • Plus, when you join the premium level, you get no ads on the entire OT Toolbox website. Readers have asked begged for this feature!
  • Exclusive coupon code that never expires…use it as long as you are a member!

If you still have questions about the Member’s therapy Club, just reach out to me and let me know.

Join The OT Toolbox Member’s Club now.

The OT Toolbox membership therapy club for OT professionals

FAQ About This Therapy Club

These are frequently asked questions that have been asked about The OT Toolbox therapy club for Members:

Is The OT Toolbox website and newsletter going away?

NOPE! This is a great question. The website and email newsletter is not changing. I’m still planning on all of the blog content, freebies you can download by entering your email address, and everything you’re used to seeing! It will be the same old The OT Toolbox, just with a membership option as well. I’ve had SO many requests for a membership over the years that this is just another option to access and use the materials!

Are there group membership options?

YES! There are discounted group options for groups of 5, 10, 20, 50, 80, and larger groups. Just reach out and I can get your clinic, faculty, or small group of friends set up!

What is the difference between Level 1 and Level 2?

Level 1 gets:

  1. All of the downloads on our site, instantly. Browse for what you need and just hit the “download” button.
  2. NEW resources each month. These are seasonal and evergreen materials: handouts, activities, worksheets, and so much more.
  3. A coupon code to use any time, as often as you like. Save 20% on products in the shop (exclusions apply: it won’t work on our Vendor Products- the items created by other therapists & hosted on our shop)

Level 2 gets:

  1. Everything listed above AND
  2. Monthly Therapy Kits (a $140+ value)
  3. Easy access to your subscriber library: just click & you’re in. No password needed

Will you ever offer discount codes?

This is something that we have considered, but felt it would be better to offer an occasional bonus incentive to join the membership. For example, when you join before Tuesday the 9th, you will get our Sensory Diet Book & Sensory Diet Workbook ($25 value). This is yours to keep. We will run another incentive in mid-2022 with a big incentive to join. Current members (that’s those of you who join now) will get access to that bonus too. We felt a larger value bonus is more useful than saving $5.

What are the Therapy Kits in Level 2? What do they include?

Our therapy kits are the most popular products on The OT Toolbox. They include fine motor activities like clip cards, crafts, toothpick art, glue dot art, lacing cards, scissor puzzles, cutting activities, handwriting tasks, gross motor activities, brain breaks, and so much more. Each kit is a bit different but engaging and fun. Kids love them! Currently we have about 8 seasonal kits.

The ones that Level 2 Members will get will be all new. This month’s kit is our Thanksgiving Kit, but only because that wasn’t purchased by many folks, so I knew it would be a new resource to so many. In upcoming months there will be new kits, plus occasional bonus kits. For example, there will be a Christmas kit plus a snowman kit because not everyone can use Christmas materials.

What ages/levels can use the materials?

The Member’s Club covers all ages. Those working in early intervention will find activities designed to build skills. Those serving kids in K-6 will find materials for fine motor, self-regulation, social emotional skills, gross motor skills, executive functioning, handwriting, and cursive writing. 

Those serving kids in Middle School or High School will find handwriting, executive functioning materials, and life skills activities. Upcoming months will even find hand therapy materials for those working in pediatric hand rehabilitation! (These materials are FANTASTIC for building fine motor strength and dexterity!)

I hope this answers some of your questions! If you have any other questions, please reach out!

Click here to join The OT Toolbox Member’s Club.

How has joining a therapy club helped you?

Do you subscribe to Netflix? A bulk grocery store like Costco? Do you get a monthly delivery of curated clothing, or a kids’ craft kit (like Kiwi Crate)? Do you order a monthly delivery of dog food, diapers, or organic chicken eggs? So many of us have monthly subscriptions that fill needs. They make our lives easier. The same is true with The Member’s Club.

Club Members are saying this:

“I’ve been looking for exactly this: ideas to help with treatment planning.. they even have a monthly theme ideas. 

“I’m a busy therapist and I need materials all in one place: Somewhere I don’t have to spend hours searching for materials…or entering my email for each resource.” 

Professionals like you need The OT Toolbox Member’s Club to make lives easier.

  • The Member’s Club takes care of resource creation. 
  • We hold onto a year’s worth of themed materials so you don’t need to search Pinterest or Instagram on your time off. 
  • We cover the most important topics and research and deliver it in digestible blog posts. 
  • We offer monthly kits that save you money and time.

One thing is for sure. We all have a common goal to help kids develop and thrive as individuals. We have a passion to help children. That’s where this therapy club comes in. 

If you need additional information, please reach out to contact@theottoolbox-com

See you inside the club!

Colleen Beck, OTR/L has been an occupational therapist since 2000, working in school-based, hand therapy, outpatient peds, EI, and SNF. Colleen created The OT Toolbox to inspire therapists, teachers, and parents with easy and fun tools to help children thrive. Read her story about going from an OT making $3/hour (after paying for kids’ childcare) to a full-time OT resource creator for millions of readers. Want to collaborate? Send an email to

The OT Toolbox therapy club membership