Kid Play

Looking for kidplay ideas to support child development in the natural environment of kids? You’re in the right place! These play ideas support the developmental needs of children to help them grow and learn through play! Occupational therapy play is a tool to support children in therapeutic strategies to meet goals. There are many theories of play. But one thing is true: Children thrive in the play environment.

What is Kidplay?

Kidplay” is a term that is often used to describe the spontaneous and unstructured play that children engage in. It is a type of play that is child-directed, meaning that children are in control of the play experience and are free to explore their own ideas and interests without being led by adults or structured activities. Read about the term functional play as an asset and component to child’s play.

Kidplay can take many different forms, from imaginative play to physical play to social play with friends. It is often seen as an important part of childhood development, as it allows children to develop important skills such as problem-solving, communication, creativity, and socialization. You’ll be interested to read about the social skills and development of social emotional learning through play with others, beginning with parallel play.

Kidplay can occur anywhere, from the playground to the living room, to the driveway and the lawn!

Play is individualized and can involve anything from building with blocks to pretending to be superheroes. It is a natural and important part of childhood and is something that parents, caregivers, and educators can encourage and support by providing opportunities for unstructured play and by allowing children to explore their own interests and ideas.

Kidplay Ideas

Try these creative ideas to support development, but also to add fun and engaging activities!

Process-vs-Product Focused Play
Indoor Play: Baby Pool in Living Room
Messy Play Date details
Learning colors
Golf Tees and a Hammer: Fine motor and manipulatives
Growing Memories
Halloween Sensory Bin
Indoor Play Series (#1)
Light Bright Sensory Play

Rainbow Fine Motor Play
DIY wrapping paper
Rainy Day Play
Learning Apples/Red
Fall Nature Adventure
Recycle Bin Project
A day at the farm
Learning about emotions through play
Indoor Play: 3D Drip Paint
Paint with a baggie- Letter Formation
Treasure Map
Homemade Puffy Paint
Indoor Snow Play
Valentine’s Day Play Dough
Potato Stamps- Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Fine Motor Skills with Pom Poms
Teaching Body Parts to Toddlers Thfrough Imagination Play

Fine Motor Play with Pipe Cleaners
Using Stickers to Help with Cutting Skills
Painting Snow


3 Rainbow Sensory Bins
Painting Rainbows
Fine Motor with Crafting Pom Poms
Pipe Cleaner FIne Motor Play


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