Kids Crafts Based on Popular Children’s Books

I would have to say that we really love reading books and creating activities and crafts based on the books.  We’ve re-created books through play, busy bags, snacks, sensory play, but one of my favorite ways to explore a great book is through crafts.  These are a collection of all of our crafts based on great books.  You can see all of our book related activities over here.  For now, grab a piece of paper and and a pencil, because you are going to want to check out all of these books from your library!

Now, there are many who proclaim the benefits of process-related creativity in children.  I am a big believer that both process and product based arts and crafts are hugely beneficial to children in many similar and different ways.  Crafts are a great way to work on developmental skills and are used by Occupational Therapists to develop certain goal areas. 

WHY use crafts to work on skill areas in kids?  These are just a few ways that crafts can help kids:
Scissor skills
Fine motor grasps
Direction following
Problem solving
Expressive design
Weight bearing
Multi-step task organization
Executive functioning
Visual perceptual skills
Sensory integration

So, use those book related crafts to work on skills that kids need in a fun and developmentally appropriate way, while exploring new books!

Crafts for kids based on popular childrens books

Book related crafts for kids based on popular children’s books

 Big Red Barn puppets  
Crafts for kids based on popular childrens books
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