Spring Emotions Matching Game Slide Deck

Emotions Matching game with a bug theme for Spring

Today, I have another free therapy slide deck for you to use in guiding teletherapy occupational therapy sessions. This activity is a Spring themed emotions matching game. The premise behind this emotions game is to help with teaching feelings to kids, as well as the social emotional learning involved in self-regulation. Because there are always … Read more

Groundhog’s Day Activity

groundhog's day activities for teletherapy

This week’s free therapy slide deck has a groundhog theme. Use this as a teletherapy groundhog’s day activity to help kids develop motor skills in virtual therapy sessions. So, if you’re looking for a fun Groundhog’s day idea to do with the kids in a virtual setting, this free Google slide deck is for you! … Read more

Social Skills Activities

Social skills activities for kids to use to build social emotional skills and learn kindness, empathy, awareness of others, and other social skill interventions needed to function.

Today, I wanted to share some social skills activities and specific social skill interventions that can be used to help kids with social emotional learning and the components that help kids with emotional regulation and wellness. When kids struggle with big emotions, anxiety, fear, transitions, worries, outbursts, or social participation… social emotional development can be … Read more

Free Social Emotional Learning Worksheets

Social Emotional Learning Worksheet

I offered these free social emotional learning worksheets to my newsletter subscribers last week and I wanted to put it on the website so you could access it to. Here’s the thing: when kids are developing their social emotional learning skills, starting with emotional skills is very important in social development in children. Kids who … Read more

Wellness Bingo

Wellness bingo game to use to build overall well being and a balanced health and wellness state.

When it comes to child wellness and family wellness, there can be a lot of work that needs done to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Child well being can be adversely impacted by myriad causes: childhood trauma, parent lifestyle, poverty, screen over-use, and other stressors. Here, you will find a Wellness Bingo activity to … Read more

Self Awareness Activities Slide Deck

Use this free self awareness activity slide deck in occupational therapy teletherapy

Helping kids become more more self aware is a skill that can help with emotional regulation, goals, executive functioning skills, goal achievement, and so much more. Today, I’ve got self-awareness activities for kids in the form of a free Google slide deck. This is a powerful social emotional development tool for kids. Use these awareness … Read more