Penguin Themed Math Counting Activity

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We had a little Penguin theme going on for a while around here.  Penguin activities are so much fun for learning and play!  This Penguin themed math activity was a fun way to explore numbers and tie into our penguin fun.  We did this learning and counting activity one day after we made our penguin themed snacks. 
This Penguin Themed Math Activity  used Styrofoam fish for counting and ordering.  Check it out:

Kids love counting fish in a penguin themed math activity.

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Penguin Themed Math Counting for Kids

Scoop fish in a penguin themed counting activity for preschoolers.

We used a sheet of Styrofoam to make fish shapes and a large sheet of krafting paper
to make a pond.  I wrote numbers on the fish so Little Guy could count them out.  This was a fun way to re-use some recycled materials.  He used our
Bug Net
to scoop up the fish like a penguin would.  We scooped them in numerical order and then in random order too. 

We were planning to put our fish in a bin of water for more penguin scooping fun, but someone (cough, Baby Girl, cough) broke them up into little Styrofoam fish bits…how fun would this be to read a few fun penguin books and then do some fishy counting to continue the penguin theme?

Have you done any fun penguin activities this winter? Stop by and share them on our Facebook page.  We would love to see them!