Pirate Party Details

This is the last birthday post (and picture overload) about my little buddy’s 2nd birthday.  I can NOT believe he is 2!! When did this happen?

We celebrated in a Pirate-y way and had a blast preparing for this party.  LOVE the details that go into our little one’s birthdays!
So, if you are planning a Pirate Birthday for your special little one, these details will hopefully inspire you!
We shared the DIY details to make your own Treasure Chest and treat bags

Pirate Birthday Party details!

Some more party details…

Yummy sugar cookies loaded with Pirate-talk.
My favorite is the “Ya Scullywag!”
The play space where the party was held was perfect for a Pirate-themed party…down to the Pirate ship climbing feature.
Cupcakes were bought from a local grocery store and I added the Pirate toppers.  I found them in a cupcake kit from Joanne’s.


Cheese balls were perfect for our kid-friendly “Cannon Balls”.
This was a last minute project (aka easy):
Slice a watermelon, stab with a pretzel rod, and slide on a slice of Swiss cheese. 
Instant ship.

We also shared how we made these DIY Pirate Telescopes.

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