Share It Saturday #5

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Share It Saturday and Our Week In Review… 

This has been a fun, hectic, crazy, silly, week…but aren’t they all ?!?!

We started our week off with an evening of fun with the nieces and nephews playing together and us Sugar Aunt sisters getting into all sorts of hijinks.  It seems like any time that two or three of us are together, there is super ridiculous crazy-ness and fun!  And, I love that our kids are all so close and more like siblings than cousins.

We got together for the kids to play and us moms to plan some blog stuff.  But of course, there had to be food involved…and more importantly, SWEETS!

Ughhhh! Don’t these look A-mazing??  These little cuties were from a local bakery and sooo good!  It’s totally ok to have dessert before dinner…and then a little more after dinner, too 🙂

The kids played (dress-up) and we made some apple sauce-healthy corn bread muffins and enjoyed some yummy turkey chili from the crock.

 We tried to make a little Valentine’s Day themed slime…it all seemed to be going well…until it didn’t and we had Valentine’s Day slop.

Oy, what a mess! It was pretty at least 🙂 we will call this one a Blog Fail!  

 The rest of the week sailed by and we are ready for another
Share It Saturday!!  
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We had 82 amazing link ups this week! That is a new record for us!
Here are a few of our Favorites from last week:

Making Boys Men played with water beads in the snow.
Toddlers Through Preschool made a Magnifier to Find Green.
Embracing Destiny made a fun Sensory Bin.
Full Hands Full Hearts found a way to explore math with early learners.

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  1. Thanks for hosting and for sharing my math activity. As a former HS math teacher, I love to try to get little bits of math fun in from time to time. Thanks again!

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