S’more Bites

These lil cuties were something I threw together for my nephew’s 1st birthday.  I was in charge of making a bite sized s’more to fit a Cowboy Birthday Party theme.  These were really quick and easy to put together.  I experimented with the ingredients and baking time, and want to share with you just how simple it is to have mini s’mores any old time (now that could be dangerous)! 
Seriously, they are so tiny and cute, how can they be bad for you???!!! 😉

Start out with the basics for S’mores.  These Honey Maid Lil’ Squares are so cute! Baby Girl loves them (and so does Big Sister and Little Guy).  They are really little…one inch squares. Perfect for little one’s snack time too!
Chop the chocolate bars into little squares. I broke each bar up along the lines then cut those into thirds.
Spread out the mini-grahams on your cookie sheet.  I put a layer of aluminum foil down first because I was experimenting and wasn’t sure if the chocolate would spread over the graham.  It didn’t. No need to use the foil.
Bake the grahams and chocolate in oven at 350 for 2-3 min…Keep a close eye on this and pull them out when the chocolate starts to get shiny.  I tried another batch for a halloween party this weekend and totally baked them too long. the chocolate burned and the whole batch went into the garbage 🙁

Press a mini marshmallow into each chocolate square.

Pop the cookie sheet back into the oven for a minute or two.  Keep an eye on them, again…You want the marshmallow to puff up a bit.

Pull them out of the oven and turn on the broiler. When the oven has heated up, stick them back into the oven for just a minute.  Watch closely…You can keep the oven door slightly opened to make sure they don’t burn.  Out comes perfect mini-s’more bites!
(This picture is terrible, I know)
These were so good and I got so many compliments on them!  Even a request to make these every time we have a pot luck dinner!  That says something!!

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