Spring Robin Counting FIne Motor Busy Bag

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Spring and Robins go hand in hand.  We made this Robin Fine Motor Counting Busy Bag one day and the kids were giddy with excitement to play!  This is the perfect addition to the occupational therapist’s Spring planning. Use this DIY activity to work on so many fine motor skills
Robin counting fine motor activity busy bag

Spring Robin Counting Busy Bag Activity

 This busy bag will keep the kids busy and little fingers moving as they count worms to feed the Spring robins.  This egg carton family of robins was fun to make with the kids and even more fun to watch them play.

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Start with an egg carton.  We used a cardboard carton so the paint would stick.  Paint a red belly on each egg compartment.  Paint the sides and back of each robin with brown paint.  Use a hole punch to punch a hole towards the top of the robin.  Little Guy (age 5) got a big kick with this part.  He wasn’t able to squeeze the hole puncher to make the holes, but he really liked watching!
Cut small triangles from yellow cardstock.  Drag the wide end of the triangles in glue and press into the holes.  These will be the beaks for the robins.  Let the glue dry.  An hour or so will be fine.
In the meantime, make the worms!  We received a package of brown pipe cleaners from www.craftprojectideas.com.  (Thanks!!) Little Guy enjoyed cutting pipe cleaners and bending them into little bendy worms.  What a great hand strengthening activity this is!  Squeezing the scissors requires a lot of hand strength to snip the pipe cleaners.
Make a bunch of worms; You will need them!
I drew on eyes with a permanent marker and a number on the top of each robin.  Now it’s time to count and play!
Little Sister (age 3.5) counted out the number of worms for each bird (She needed help with one-to-one correspondence).  She was able to press the worms into the robin mouths using a tripod grasp.  It was fun to watch her play and count for a long time.  I overheard a little dramatic play happening as she talked to the robins and pretended they were a family eating their lunch.  
Have a fun and “busy” Spring!
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