With all of the recent changes of this year, OT professionals have been thrown into the world of occupational therapy teletherapy. Many are brand new to teletherapy treatment or are seeking resources to use in telehealth. This is that resource center. Here, you will find occupational therapy teletherapy tools to work with kids online, whether that be in the school-based setting, or as part of outpatient OT services. Here, you will find OT activities as well as all of the information you need to flourish in online OT!

Below, you will find information, tips, and tools related to the following topics: What is teletherapy? Occupational therapy teletherapy activities, free teletherapy slide decks, resources for telehealth, and more.

Teletherapy for occupational therapy sessions including telehealth resources

What is Teletherapy?

Occupational therapists strive to help individuals achieve, maintain, or develop meaningful activities…or occupations. We help people across the lifespan to do the things they want and need to do. Through the use of daily activities, or functional tasks, OTs help people achieve and perform those very tasks. Occupational therapy practitioners help people of all ages live a full life, despite injury, illness, or disability. 

Teletherapy is just one platform for OTs to help people achieve meaningful goals. On telehealth virtual sessions, occupational therapists perform individualized assessments of a person’s functioning and goals. We create a personalized plan of action to help clients perform daily occupations and reach their goals. And, we intervene with functional activities in order to help them reach those goals.

Virtual therapy sessions occur on a teletherapy platform or via an online meeting space, such as Zoom. Other therapy assignments can occur on a Google classroom or through email. Occupational therapy home programs can be used to supplement virtual OT sessions.

Here on The OT Toolbox, therapists have the opportunity to create blog posts that can be used as a tool in offering resources and therapy activities to their client families or caseload. Read more about getting started with The OT Toolbox home program feature.

Teletherapy activities

Check out these occupational therapy teletherapy activities for specific strategies to address functional tasks.

Other activities like crafts to build fine motor skills or sensory coping tools can be easily adapted into the telehealth model of delivery.

These are specific ways to work on fine motor skills in teletherapy.

Creative interventions for online therapy with kids needs just an out-of-the-box perspective. How can you take these handwriting activities and use them to meet the needs of kids?

Here are teletherapy games and worksheets that can be added to your telehealth toolbox.

Use executive functioning activities in a coaching model to work on areas like impulsivity, focus, prioritization, planning.

What about reading a book together and using it as a theme for an activity that build fine motor skills, emotional development, or visual motor skills? These books to use in therapy are perfect for working on different occupational therapy areas in telehealth.

These books are ways to work on emotional regulation and social development as well as sensory coping strategies to use in regulation.

Use these OT home program activities in designing specific recommendations for children.

free teletherapy slides for pediatric occupational therapy online therapy sessions

Free teletherapy slide decks

These teletherapy slide decks can be used in working on specific skills. You will need to enter your email address in each blog post form so that the slide decks can be delivered to you.

To use the slide decks, you will need a Google gmail email account. When you open the slide decks, you will be prompted to make a copy of the slide deck. This slide deck will then be yours to share with those on your occupational therapy caseload.

Back-to-School Activity Slide Deck (visual perceptual skills)

Teach Letters Alphabet Move and Write Slide Deck

Space Theme Slide Deck

Movement Activities Monster Theme Slide Deck

Letter Formation Slide Deck of Teletherapy

Animal Theme Visual Perception Slide Deck

Strait Line Letters Teletherapy Slide Deck

Self-Awareness Activities Slide Deck

More free occupational therapy teletherapy slide decks will be added here, so stay tuned!

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