Free Therapy Slide Deck- Animal Visual Perception

It’s here! If you’ve been enjoying the free slide decks that I’ve been sharing here on the website, then you are in luck. Today, I’ve got another free therapy slide deck. This one is all about visual perceptual skills…the Animal Visual Perception therapy activities are here! Scroll to the bottom of this post, enter your email, and start working on visual perception in your teletherapy activities. Be sure to check out our other recent therapy slide decks, listed below.

This free slide deck is an animal visual perception activity

This visual perception slide deck covers various visual perceptual areas:

Visual discrimination

Form constancy

Form constancy

Visual memory

Visual attention

The animal theme therapy slide deck also covers oculomotor skills:

Visual scanning

Visual tracking

Eye-hand coordination

Free Therapy Slide Decks

This animal theme set of visual perception activities are just one of the recent slide decks that I’ve created. Be sure to grab some of the other free slide decks on the site:

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The slide decks in this set are interactive. Kids can click on parts and either type in answers to the visual perception activities or they can click on parts of the slide and move pieces to complete the visual perception task.

Free therapy slide deck activities to work on visual perceptual skills with kids.

Work on specific areas such as visual memory and visual discrimination. Visual discrimination plays a large part in visual memory. Visual Memory is one part of a large arena known as visual perceptual skills. Visual memory focuses on one’s ability to recall visual information that has been seen.  Visual memory is also a critical factor in reading and writing.  

When a child is writing a word, he must recall the formation of parts of the letter from memory.  It can be terribly frustrating for one with a visual memory deficit to perform a handwriting, spelling, or word copying exercise.  Children with difficulty in visual memory will have trouble copying letters, words, and sentences from a chalkboard or book.  

Difficulties with visual discrimination or visual memory skills may present as very slow handwriting, trouble forming letters, and mixing up letters or words within sentences.  

Producing written work on worksheets and tests may be difficult when visual memory is an issue. Recalling sight words in reading exercises can be hard as well as following along in a reading activity during stop and start tasks, due to comprehension and difficulty recalling what was read.

Kids with visual memory deficits can demonstrate difficulty with formation of letters and numbers and appear “lazy” in their written work.

Animal visual perception activities

Users can click on the colored circles and move them to cover different forms. With more and more teletherapy sessions and digital activities being used in therapy, children are having to click and drag. This development of eye-hand coordination skills can be a difficult task for some children. Work on practicing with a visual perception component to build skills.

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    This free slide deck is an animal visual perception activity