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Outdoor Dandelion Messy Water Play

So, we shared this picture on our Facebook Page a while back.  It was just some simple messy fun one day.  Looking through those phone pictures, this one stood out as really fun.  And you know when you are scrolling through pictures on the phone with kids, they have a few pictures that are their favorites (...extreme close-up-self-portraits...baby sister's baby doll...standing in a river with a bunch of cousins...) We've looked at those same pictures only a few hundred times on the phone camera!!

This is one of those pictures that the kiddos keep going back to.  SO, you know it must have been a fun day.

We decided to put a little blog post together and share it with you!

Playing with dandelions?

One Spring day, we used up a few of the thousands of dandelions that were growing in our yard and had a little (messy) fun.
We had water beads in a covered bin from a few other recent play activities:
...and added a bit of water, dandelions...instant spontaneous messy play.
The kids had fun running out to the yard, picking the flowers, and bringing them back to add to our "Dandelion Soup".

Add a paper tube and empty watter bottle and you get a little bonus fine motor play!  And even though we did this back in the Spring time, this is totally a Summer activity too.

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