Apple Theme Activities

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Fall is in the air and apples are aplenty!  With back to school behind us, it’s time to think fall and all that it brings.  What better way to play and learn than with an apple theme this time of year?  

This round-up of activities includes math, spelling, art, fine and gross motor and sensory so your Apple Theme is complete for school or home school.  Hey, it would even be fun to just pull a few of these activities for an afternoon of apple themed play.  Call a few friends up and invite them over for an apple play date.  I know what the snack will be!

Apple Theme Activities

Apple themed activities for learning and play: Math, spelling, fine and gross motor, art, sensory. This is perfect for school or home preschool apple themed week!

Apple learning and play ideas for play dates, preschool, or apple week:

Introduce the apple theme with this easy Apple felt play from The Magnolia Barn.

Create apple stamp art from There’s Just One Mommy.

Work on counting, skip counting, number practice, graphing and more with apple math printables from Embark on The Journey, or this apple math pack from 3 Dinosaurs.

Practice word decoding with apple word game from There’s Just One Mommy.

Work on spelling games with these super cute apples created from cups from JDaniel 4s Mom.

Make a yarn apple tree for the art portion of your apple theme from 3 Dinosaurs.

Play in an apple sensory bin from 3 Dinosaurs.

Cook up some salt dough apples from Sugar Aunts.

Make paper roll apple stamp art from Sugar Aunts.

Apple Snack ideas:

apple sauce
apple slices
apple chips
apple wedges with peanut butter
And one of this Aunt’s pregnancy cravings (posted on our instagram feed): apple wedges dipped in peanut butter and granola. Yum.