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Kids get a TON of screen time these days.  There’s television shows, bright and crisp movies on the big screen, educational apps at home and at school, music, phone calls with screen images, and toys with screens.  Getting outside to play is SO important with all of the down time that screens allow. Getting moving, getting involved, and getting active are not that easy to do for busy families with hectic schedules.  Families are very busy with work and home schedules. After a full day of school, work, and commute comes homework, dinner (and all that involves), and bedtime routines.  A few hours pass and it’s time for the kids to be tucked into bed for the night.   This daily grind can get tiring and repetitive, especially when indoors and screen time are added into those precious home hours of the day.  

What are busy families to do when all parents are stressed to balance the juggling show of home and work/school responsibilities?

We’re excited to share ideas to make a positive impact on parenting and explore all that the Boy Scouts have to offer in active, adventurous, and life-changing experiences for families.

Getting kids outside with adventures.  Ideas for making time to get outside with the family.  Who needs screen time??

Making Time to Get Outdoors

How do busy families go against the grind of routines, comfort, and schedules and get outside? Try a few of these tips:

  • Plan adventures.  
  • Put it on the schedule.  If the calendar says outdoor time, you’re more likely to do it!
  • Get the kids involved in plan making.  They will be excited for family time and family adventures.
  • Grab the camera!  Go outside, take silly pictures of the family, and the fun starts.
  • Visit new places.  Check out local areas for new-to-you hiking trails, parks, ponds…
  • Join the Scouts for outdoor activities of all kinds of adventures!

Why join the Boy Scouts?

My daughter is part of the Girl Scouts and loves the various activities she’s been able to participate in, so my son knew he wanted to join the Boy Scouts from a very young age.   He’s not quite at the required age yet, but we’ve been looking into the Scouts already.

Parents today are challenged to find the balance of home and work responsibilities.  We are in that boat!  It is stressful to meet the needs of daily schedules while spending quality time with the ones that matter most…family! We feel so rushed every day from the 6 am wake up to breakfast, mess, preparing for the day, meeting the bus, to all of the in-between, the after-school craziness, dinner prep, homework, cleaning up dinner, playing with kids, clean up, baths, bedtime, books, and starting all over again the next day.  I’m tired just thinking about it!  It’s hard to get in the adventures, the memory makers, the life-changing experiences.

With all of the rushing, kids are spending less time outdoors than ever. Studies show that American kids are spending as little as 30 minutes outside each day.  Screens seem to be robbing kids of real-world experiences!

Build An Adventure with the Boy Scouts

Oh boy, we can. not. wait. until Little Guy is old enough to join in on the Boy Scout experiences.  And by we, I mean mostly Little Guy and his dad 😉  They’ve seen and heard about the adventures friends have done…and are more than little excited! Race cars, fishing, camping, rock climbing, bonfires, staying over night in science centers, building box cars…to say the least, my two guys are anxiously awaiting Boy Scouts.

This mama loves the character building, friendships, service projects, and self-confidence building experiences.  I love that these character building activities can be offered to a young age, and encourage kids to get out there and make adventures.
Kids are only little for a short time, but this time is so precious in building values and reinforcing important standards.  Experiences are a great way to build these characteristics in kids.  The Boy Scouts’ “Build An Adventure”  provides innovative activities with a fresh look at Scouting.  Making a positive impact starts young!  Learn more about the inspiring impact the Boy Scouts have with Build An Adventure

Boy Scout adventures can be seen at the Scouting Newsroom.  Little Guy loved watching these videos.  Join in on the Boy Scout fun at

What kind of adventures does your family get involved in?  We’d love to chat on our Facebook page!

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