Science and Discovery Activities for Kids

Watching kids discover through science, art, and creativity is fun!  The learning that happens through discovery is pretty neat to watch.  These ideas have great opportunity for discovery and learning for kids.

Discovery Activities


Science and discovery activities for kids

These discovery activities support science, technology, art, engineering, and math, or STEAM! Not only that, but the hands-on activity ideas are great for getting kids involved in project completion from start to finish. 

By participating in these discovery learning activities, kids can challenge themselves in executive functioning skills (planning, prioritization, task completion) as well as social emotional skills such as self-awareness and self-confidence.

Check out these discover and learning ideas for kids:

Explore evaporation with this hands-on science activity.

Discover how to make butter from There’s Just One Mommy.
Discover and learn science in cranberries from Stir the Wonder.

Experiment with air drag and streamlined shapes.
Discover absorption with watercolors on felt from Buggy and Buddy.

Discover STEM with lemon experiments.
Discover colors with sensory bottles from The Kavanaugh Report.

Discover levers and a fulcrum.
Discover geysers from Teach Beside Me.
Discover snowball experiments from us!
Discover polar bear science from us!


Exploring Books Through Play is loaded with 50 hands-on exploring and discovering activities based on books! Kids love to explore books and the world around them!

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Discovery activities