Craft Pom Snowflake Line Awareness Craft

Snowflake crafts are very big right now.  With the recent freeze we’ve been experiencing this week, paper snowflakes, snowflake drawings, and real snowflakes are seen daily in and around our house!  We made these pom pom snowflakes one morning and not only created a fun wintery craft, we also worked on line awareness and fine motor skills.

Snowflake Line Awareness Craft
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We received the crafting poms from our friends at  The white color was perfect for a winter-themed snowy craft!

 Crafting Pom Snowflake Line Awareness Craft

We started by using small squares of light blue construction paper.  I wanted to use small squares of paper so that the snowflakes wouldn’t get too big, and then would encourage smaller movements…and more fine motor work.  I drew a basic snowflake shape on the paper with a pencil.  Little Guy used a bottle of glue to trace the lines.  He needed some help with this.  Squeezing the glue bottle and maintaining awareness of the lines to trace the snowflake shape really was a difficult task for a preschooler.  An older child who is working on handwriting and letter placement on lines would be more efficient at this task.  Keeping the glue right on the stimulus line is a great way to work on not only line awareness for use in handwriting, but also visual motor skill.  The ability to move the hand and watch with the eyes in a coordinated manner is visual motor ability, or eye-hand coordination.  This ability is a refined task that is needed for accuracy with lines and spacing in handwriting and ultimately leads to neatness in handwriting.  Line awareness can be addressed by crafts in many ways.  This Beads Sorting & Line Awareness craft was a fun way to create and work on eye-hand coordination.
Line awareness (and eye-hand coordination) is also necessary for scissor use in cutting tasks.  We used Stickers to Help with Scissor Skills while working on line awareness with cutting.
Once our snowflake was drawn in glue, we worked on more line awareness!  Placing the crafting poms in the glue lines was a great activity for Little Guy.  This task was great for the preschool age range.  He had to use a tripod grasp to manipulate the larger poms and a tip to tip grasp to manage the smaller poms.
Keeping those poms on the lines was a fun way to work on line awareness and fine motor skills at the same time.
Small snowflake decoration would be great for a wintery banner, hung in the window, or even on a card to Grandparents!

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