Elmo Birthday Decorations

Looking for Elmo birthday decorations for a Sesame Street Party? This is the place for fun! We had an Elmo birthday party years ago, but I still love these ideas for engaging activities that support creative play and development!

Elmo birthday decorations

Elmo Birthday Decorations

We celebrated a special little lady’s 2nd birthday this month when Baby Girl turned 2.  Baby Girl LOVES Elmo and so her birthday had to have an Elmo theme!

I guess technically she’s not exactly a Baby Girl any more (especially because we have another little one who will be joining us in the spring!)  A new blog name will have to come about for Baby Girl at some point, but she’s still my baby girl for now 🙂
This party was low key and simple in the set-up because Mama just was not feeling it with the all day morning sickness and being Exhausted!  The Elmo fun still stood out and Baby Girl was so excited when her party day arrived!


Elmo Birthday Party Activities:

One fun Elmo party activity is to simply color! Elmo loves crayons so print off a few Elmo coloring pages (or Sesame Street coloring pages). Add crayons, and let the kiddos color!
We copied some sheets from a Sesame Street coloring book and had a little coloring station set up for the kids.  Simple, easy, fun!  I made the Elmo face and used that for the invitation and throughout the party décor.

Elmo Play Dough

Another area for creative play we had at our Sesame Street party was Elmo play dough. There are many benefits of play dough so adding this activity to a party is a great way to sneak in fine motor skills and other areas of development for preschoolers and toddlers.

To make Elmo Play Dough, use our play dough recipes to make a nice soft dough. Then add in manipulative items: 

  • Black pipe cleaners
  • Googly eyes
  • Orange craft pom poms for noses

To make an Elmo in play dough, show the little ones how to make a flat pancake using the red play dough. They can use both hands to pat the dough into a round circle shape. 

Then, the young learners can add facial details using the pipe cleaner to make a smile, the googly eyes, and the craft pom pom to make a nose. 

This activity supports the development of fine motor skills as well as offers heavy work through the hands. Read more about fine motor play dough ideas.

Finally, when the party is over, use the dough in some play dough activities for more motor skill development.

Elmo Play Dough!
This Elmo dough was so fun.  Baby Girl played with this for days after the party.  I had a huge bag of red play dough and a bunch of little pieces for the kids to make Elmos. Or anything. 
There were some pretty fun creations made!  Googly eyes, orange beads, and black pipe cleaners curved for smiles made little cute little Elmos! We let the faces dry and had some fun with the little guys days later after they sat out and air dried.
( (The last little guy on the right is how I felt by the end of the party 😉 )

Elmo Party Decorations:

For this Sesame Street Party, we made an Elmo banner using black paper with letters written on in chalk to spell Happy Birthday. It’s an easy Elmo theme party addition that can be put together quickly.

The birthday banner was a last minute decoration put together SO easily.  Write Happy Birthday out with chalk on black construction paper and tape to ribbon.  Done.

Elmo Balloon Arch- We added a few orange, red, and blue streamers for more room decor. These would look great on an Elmo balloon arch, too. Grab one of the (Amazon affiliate link) balloon arch kits available on Amazon and just add red balloons.
Simply blow up red balloons, add them to a balloon arch support and tuck in red and orange streamers for more details to the Elmo balloon arch.
We put up a few streamers around for extra birthday fun.

Elmo Birthday Party Favors

Use red cups and add Elmo faces to the front. These are easy to make. All you need are a few materials:

  • Red cups
  • White label paper (the type that has a sticky back)
  • Black permanent marker
  • Orange marker
  1. To make these Elmo cups, cut out circles from the white label paper. Stick them onto the cup for the eyes. 
  2. Next, add a black dot on each eye for Elmo’s pupil. 
  3. Then, color a large area on the label paper with the orange marker. Cut out circles to make Elmo’s orange nose. Stick the nose slightly on top of Elmo’s eyes.
  4. Use the black marker to draw a smile on the cup. Use an image online to copy the shape of Elmo’s smile.
Then, you can fill the cups with treats for a party favor. I found these cups at a grocery store for 10 cents for a two pack as an end of summer clearance sale.  Can’t beat that!  Throw some peanut butter crackers, fruit snacks and other little things in there and it’s done too 🙂 
The Elmo face was label paper that I cut into circles for eyes and noses and the smile I drew on with a permanent marker.
This little party was such a fun day for such a sweet and fun-loving little girl. 
Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

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  1. Ahh how sweet. My baby girl is 2 next week, we will be having a peppa pig party lol. May steal your happy birthday banner idea, oh and maybe have some pink playdough he he. Glad she enjoyed her day 😀

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Elmo birthday decorations

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