Oreo Ghost Cookies

Need a quick and easy kid-friendly Halloween treat?  These Oreo ghost cookie ghost snacks will fit the bill for preschool parties, school-aged parties, or a play date. Any Halloween party would be a little sweeter with these easy ghost cookies!

Oreo ghost cookie snack treats. These would be great for preschool or school parties and Kid-friendly Halloween parties.

Ghost Cookie Halloween Treats

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I started with a package of Oreo cookies.  Twist the tops off.  Eat them.
Of course.

Grab a handful of M&MS minis.  Sort out the brown ones.  Eat the rest.

I mean, mom needs a little sugar too.  To keep up with the kids. Right??!

Next is the fun part:  Assembling the ghost cuties.  I used a vegetable slicer to make a wavy bottom to the ghosts.  Press the vegie slicer onto the white cookie cream and curve it a bit.  Scrape the cookie cream off of the black cookie.  
Eat it.
Notice a theme?

Press the m&ms onto the ghost faces.  I only slightly pressed the candies and they stayed in place.  If you are going to be transporting these cookies to a party, you might want to use a bit of icing to keep them in place.  Use a large straw to press out a mouth from the cookies.  Your ghosts are done!

Let us know if you make these cookies for a fun Halloween event.