Pumpkin Thumbprint Craft

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Need a quick and easy Pumpkin activity or craft for the kids this Fall?  This thumbprint craft is a sure winner.  We used a fine motor item from a previous post that you would never guess.  Get ready for a blast from the past with this Halloween craft for the kids!

Pumpkin Print Craft with Thumbprints for a Halloween Keepsake



Pumpkin Thumprint craft

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To make our pumpkin thumbprint craft, we needed just a few materials:

  • Paint
  • Paper
  • Foam Rollers

We started with foam “beads” that we used in our foam beading fine motor activity a while back.  Did you use foam rollers back in the day?  We practiced scissor skills with these and used them to make our pumpkin stamps this Fall.  From curls to pumpkin prints…these rollers have come a long way!

I pulled out our orange paint and let Baby Girl stamp away.

She pressed the foam pieces down on the paper pretty hard.  In fact, we weren’t even planning to make pumpkins, rather little circles.  Buuuut, pressing pretty hard on these circles make the hole in the center of the roller fill in with paint.  Perfect little pumpkins!
To make the leaves, we used green paint to stamp thumbprints.  Baby Girl loved doing this part!
Every painting project evolves into hand painting.  Of course.
Looking pretty cute!
I added a few curly ques to each of the pumpkins for vines.
Pumpkin activity kit
Pumpkin Fine Motor Kit

Grab the Pumpkin Fine Motor Kit for more coloring, cutting, and eye-hand coordination activities with a Pumpkin theme! It includes:

  • 7 digital products that can be used any time of year- has a “pumpkins” theme
  • 5 pumpkin scissor skills cutting strips
  • Pumpkin scissor skills shapes- use in sensory bins, math, sorting, pattern activities
  • 2 pumpkin visual perception mazes with writing activity
  • Pumpkin “I Spy” sheet – color in the outline shapes to build pencil control and fine motor strength
  • Pumpkin Lacing cards – print, color, and hole punch to build bilateral coordination skills
  • 2 Pumpkin theme handwriting pages – single and double rule bold lined paper for handwriting practice

Work on underlying fine motor and visual motor integration skills so you can help students excel in handwriting, learning, and motor skill development.

You can grab this Pumpkin Fine Motor kit for just $6!

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Pumpkin Thumbprint craft