Handwriting Resources

Handwriting can be a tough struggle to overcome.  You might work with a child on line awareness or spatial recognition but the child still neglects these areas. 

You might see letters that are formed poorly so that legibility is greatly impacted.
You might help a child on their written work and they seem to do well when one-on-one, but they simply can not carry the skills over into the classroom setting.
You might see struggles with letter and number reversals no matter how much you practice letter formation and perceptual skills.
All of these difficulties are challenges that YOU have mentioned to me.
Chances are, there are many, MANY more others who are facing the very same handwriting challenges with their child, student, or therapy client.
All of these concerns were voiced to me as a response to my Handwriting Help email series.  Did you get the free printables and 6 days of themed handwriting help?  Sign up here.
The thing is, every child struggles in different ways.  There are differences in attention, focus, sensory needs, fine motor skills, pencil grasp, visual processing, cognition, and many more factors. What works for one child may not work for another.
However, there are common techniques that can help children who face specific handwriting challenges.
To help work on these areas, I wanted to share with you some handwriting resources that can help.  These are activities and ideas that might be just the thing that clicks for your child.
These are workbooks, handwriting practice sheets, and creative strategies that can help kids who struggle with handwriting.  
Handwriting resources for parents, teachers, therapists, and professionals who work with children with handwriting legibility challenges and sloppy writing.

Handwriting Resources for Sloppy Handwriting

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 handwriting strategies resources
When Your Child Hates Handwriting provides handwriting instruction through 50+ fun and easy activities that can be incorporated into handwriting practice .  Appropriate for use with children from ages 3 to 12, this book offers a new approach to teaching the struggling child how to write.
Rewiring the Brain Handbook is a printable handwriting workbook that is designed for parents, teachers, therapists, and professionals as a guide for providing cognitive development, fine motor skills, and emotional grounding.  The exercises in the book are intended to support emotional stability, attention, reading, fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, and visual perception. The workbook contains 42 pages of exercises and activities with lines, shapes, letters, mazes, and fine motor games to enhance learning development.  
This Handwriting Bundle printable packet is designed to help with prewriting skills, letter formation and handwriting practice.  When you purchase all the titles together you receive a 30% discount.  
This handwriting bundle includes the titles below (click on each title for more information):
  1. Lines, Lines and More Lines ($3.99)
  2. Fading Lines and Shapes ($3.99)
  3. Fading Alphabet ($4.50)
  4. Handwriting Stations ($6.99)
  5. Animal Action Alphabet ($4.99)
  6. Visual Perceptual and Handwriting Practice Pages ($4.99)
  7. Handwriting Templates with Alphabet Guides ($4.99)
Regularly, these titles would be priced at $34.44 but when you purchase all 7 together you get a 30% discount sale price of $24.10!  This discount code was created specifically based on the interests of my readers (that’s you!)
This Visual Perception, Tangrams, & Handwriting Workbook activity workbook has information on all of the visual perceptual areas necessary for written work: 
  • Visual Spatial Relations
  • Visual Discrimination
  • Figure Ground
  • Form Constancy
  • Visual Memory
  • Eye-Hand Coordination
  • Sequential Memory
  • Visual Closure
The printable workbook shares creative puzzles, drawing activities, and building challenges that will work on all of the skills needed for improving line awareness, letter formation, and neatness in written work.  Read more about this Visual Perception workbook and ways to use the activities in a playful way.
The Handwriting Book is a digital book written by 10 pediatric Occupational Therapists and Physical Therapists and addresses underlying components related to handwriting.  This book is FULL of creative ways to work on handwriting. 


MORE handwriting resources you will love:

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Handwriting resources for parents, teachers, therapists, and professionals who work with children with handwriting legibility challenges and sloppy writing.