Hidden Pictures Handwriting Workbook


In this 11 page workbook, you’ll find two separate puzzles and related handwriting activities that can help kids address the visual perceptual skills noted above.  By completing this workbook, kids can use creative handwriting activities and themed writing prompts to practice written work in a fun way.

Handwriting pages utilize bold lines to improve better line and spatial awareness.


  • 11 pages of activities
  • 2 hidden pictures puzzles
  • 8-9 themed writing prompts for each puzzle
  • Activities to promote visual shift, visual memory, visual discrimination, visual-figure ground, and form constancy
  • Digital download file that you can print or use on your tablet

Also includes 7 Hidden Pictures Activity Packets:

  1. Beach Hidden Pictures Writing Pages
  2. Princess and Unicorn Hidden Pictures Writing Pages
  3. Spring Hidden Pictures Writing Pages
  4. Outdoors Hidden Pictures Writing Pages
  5. Earth Day Hidden Pictures Writing Pages
  6. Zoo Animals Hidden Pictures Writing Pages
  7. Ocean Hidden Picture Coloring Pages

Use the workbook pages and activity pages to improve visual perceptual skills by completing hidden picture puzzles. Kids visually scan pictures and find hidden items, locate unusual images, and store those pictures in their mind’s eye. The hidden pictures are a valuable tool for addressing the visual perception skills needed for handwriting.

When completing the handwriting portion of the workbook and hidden picture activities, students can improve visual memory and other visual perceptual skills while working on handwriting legibility and written work.

Bold lined paper is included in the written work portion of the workbook, in order to address visual spatial skills and line awareness.

Utilize themed writing prompts to address handwriting legibility.