Cute Halloween Treats

Happy Halloween!
Tomorrow is Halloween…I procrastinated a bit in making some treats for my little girl’s preschool class.  I was a little last minute making these treats, but maybe you could use this idea for next year!
 They were so easy to make, just melt some white chocolate chips, spread the melted chocolate on the top of the marshmallow, dip in Halloween sprinkles. Then I added a dot of melted chocolate for the eyes and mouth and added M&M’s.
I had a little helper (taste-tester) finding all the green, brown, and orange M&M’s..this was a fun task!

I added a tangerine jack-o-lantern for a little healthy snack.

The cute little treats could be altered it a bit for Christmas! I am thinking red/green sprinkles…poking a few broken pretzels in as antlers and giving it a red M&M nose!

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