Liquid Chalk Recipe Driveway Painting

We love sensory art and  play activities at my house.  We also love making our own DIY sensory play recipes for playtime and art. This Liquid Chalk recipe is just one of our favorite ones to make.  It is cheap and easy and my kids love it.  It can be a little messy but clean up is pretty easy. Liquid chalk is a fun way to spend time with the kids outside on a nice sunny day while engaging in some tactile sensory challenges.

These liquid chalks would be a great addition to a rubber duck painting activity too, and a great way for kids to explore tactile sense with creative art.
DIY Driveway Liquid Chalk Recipe

Liquid Chalk Recipe

I mixed up a batch of liquid chalk in a muffin tin.  I placed it on a tray and sat it outside for the kids.
The kids had foam brushes to paint with.  They painted the driveway and garage floor.
Liquid chalk is fun to explore sight and touch.  Creating art on the concrete is a fun change from paper inside.
Painting outside like this gets the kids up and moving around too.  I have so much fun painting with them, when they let me.  
This day we wanted to mix it up with the typical chalk painting we usually do.  I had seen a fun Fizzing Sidewalk Paint Recipe by Kids Activities Blog and had wanted to try it out.  Today seemed like as good a day as any.
After the kids had painted a while, I brought out spray bottles with vinegar in them.  I let the kids spray the chalk paint.  We watched to see if it would fizz?  A little added simple science too.
We got a little fizzing action but not a lot.  They kids still had a blast spraying the vinegar on the ground either way.  This was a hit at my house and we hope you can enjoy it too.
 This is a guest post by Jaime at Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails. Jaime is an everyday stay at home mom. She  has 3 boys ages 5 yr to 1 yr.  Jaime loves to find fun activities, crafts, recipes…. for us to do together. When she is not washing clothes and chasing the boys around she enjoys sharing our activities and crafts on her blog.

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