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Click here to get 88 heavy work activities with 11 themes to add movement and proprioception activities to play, learning, and therapy sessions.

heavy work movement activity cards

As a special thank you for grabbing the Dinosaur Proprioception Activity Cards, this set of heavy work activity cards is available at a discounted price. This collection of 11 heavy work activity cards are combined into themed cards so you can add heavy work to everyday play.

In the set of cards, you’ll find heavy work activities in the following themes:

1. Trucks Heavy Work Activities

2. Insects Heavy Work Activities

3. Sea Animals Heavy Work Activities

4. Farm Animals Heavy Work Activities

5. Jungle Animals Heavy Work Activities

6. Woodland Animals Heavy Work Activities

7. Superheros Heavy Work Activities

8. Sports Heavy Work Activities

9. Monsters Heavy Work Activities

10. Summer Heavy Work Activities

11. Butterfly Life Cycle Heavy Work Activities

Each activity page includes 8 movement and heavy work cards in that theme.

These heavy work activities can be added to home programs, teletherapy activity plans, or used as brain breaks during learning and play.

Heavy Work Activities to Help Kids

Heavy work activities help kids with a variety of needs:

  • Who appear clumsy and need help with motor planning or body awareness.
  • Fidget when asked to sit quietly.
  • Show an increased activity level or arousal level.
  • Seek intense proprioceptive input by “crashing and bashing” into anything.
  • Slap their feet when walking.
  • Flap hands.
  • Use too much or too little force on pencils, scissors, objects, and people.
  • “No fear” when jumping or walking down stairs.
  • Or, are overly fearful of walking down steps/jumping.
  • Look at their body parts (hands/feet) when completing simple tasks.
  • Sit down too hard or miss chairs when sitting.
  • Fall out of their seat.
  • Fluctuates between over-reacting and under-reacting in response to stimulation.
  • Constantly on the move.
  • Slow to get moving and then fatigue easily.

Use these heavy work cards to help with building awareness in body awareness, motor planning abilities, proprioceptive input, or a movement activity as a brain break to pay attention between learning activities.

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HEAvy work as a brain break

Brain breaks are a powerful and effective way to address regulation needs, help with attention, and impact learning into the classroom. Learning can be exhaustive to our kids. They are struggling through the day’s activities while sometimes striving to pay attention through sensory processing issues or executive functioning needs. Brain breaks, or movement breaks can be used as part of a sensory diet or in a whole-classroom activity between classroom tasks. 

Arrive here by accident or by searching for dinosaur related activities for kids? No problem. Just click on the link above to grab your free dinosaur proprioception activity cards.

heavy work movement activity cards

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