Heavy Work Activity Cards


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These cards are normally $6.00 Need to add heavy work to help kids regulate emotions, or to use as a coping tool for sensory needs? Heavy work is a valuable strategy to add calming proprioceptive input for whole body awareness, regulation, and stress relief too. Help kids re-group or add movement into learning with these themed brain break cards. 11 pages of themed heavy work activity cards, with 8 activities for each theme.

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Use these heavy work cards to help with building body awareness, motor planning abilities, proprioceptive input, or a movement activity as a brain break to pay attention between learning activities.

In the set of cards, you’ll find heavy work activities in the following themes:

1. Trucks Heavy Work Activities

2. Insects Heavy Work Activities

3. Sea Animals Heavy Work Activities

4. Farm Animals Heavy Work Activities

5. Jungle Animals Heavy Work Activities

6. Woodland Animals Heavy Work Activities

7. Superheros Heavy Work Activities

8. Sports Heavy Work Activities

9. Monsters Heavy Work Activities

10. Summer Heavy Work Activities

11. Butterfly Life Cycle Heavy Work Activities

Each activity page includes 8 movement and heavy work cards in that theme.

These heavy work activities can be added to home programs, teletherapy activity plans, or used as brain breaks during learning and play.