Our Easter Egg Hunt

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Our Annual Family Easter Egg Hunt

Has been going strong for 5 years now.  It’s a fun celebration of family, blessings, and love.  The nieces and nephews keep on growing in number (we’re now up to 15 kids aged 7 and under!!)
 We host a family party with food, a craft for the kids, an egg hunt, and egg dying.  We didn’t go for the egg dying this year, but the rest of the traditions continued.
Here are the party details…
 (Counter-clockwise from top left)
~I made a batch of baby chick sugar cookies and stacked them on a last minute DIY cake stand.  Stack a couple of plates and bowls together…and Voila!
~These little bunny snack cups were the perfect size for little hands to hold and snack on Annie’s bunny snacks.  They are the same little ears that we blogged about HERE. Easy and Fun!
~The basket of “Bunny Tails” was Pirates Booty puffed snack.  A little stretch for bunny tails…but everyone got the idea 🙂  We also had a giant bowl of PEEP POPCORN that we’ve written about.  This stuff is seriously good, folks!  And addicting.  The carrot cake sat on another last minute-bowl-plate cake stand.  The cake was from Aldi’s and so yummy!
~Grandma and Big Sister made these fun cupcakes on one of their special days.  Cute little green sprinkles with m&ms and jelly beans.  Very Cute!
 More pictures 🙂
~The Easter Bunny’s Favorite Drink was just V8 splash in carrot/fruit flavors.
~Big Sister and Little Guy helped me one afternoon to hang these tissue paper puffs and hanging lanterns.  They loved arguing over directing where each color should hang 🙂
~Bottom Middle picture is Big Sister’s decoration contribution.  She taped a bunch of Easter-y things (ribbons and pieces of string included)…There is still a bead taped to our dining room wall 🙂
~The crepe paper backdrop was a last minute project while Pap took the Big Kids out to the park on party day.  We shared a photo on our Facebook Page showing mid-project.
((stop by and follow us there, if you’re not already…))
Cut Peeps from cardstock, tape to strips of crepe paper and hang.
~The Peep vase went along perfectly with the backdrop.  We blogged about it HERE.
And, More pictures…
~The Faux chalkboard sign was fun to make and a perfect touch to the front yard.  We will write a post about this soon.  I have since removed the Egg Hunt and arrow and made it into a fun subway-style art project that I LOVE.   Watch the blog for this post.  You don’t want to miss it 🙂
~Every Kid-Egg hunt needs party props.  Of course.
~ And, what is a room full of preschoolers and toddlers without a handful of balloons scattered around the floor???  You can’t help but join in a game of “keep the balloon off the floor”!!
Our Egg Hunt this year was so much fun…cousins running around and playing with each other, bikes in the driveway, family hanging out, and the first beautiful day of the year.  You can’t ask for much more 🙂
I LOVE this picture I caught of two cousins checking out the loot in their Easter Eggs!

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