Spring Play Dough Press

The weather this week has been SO cold.  Sunny, yes.  But Freezing!
We went out to ride bikes for a little while, ran around the yard one day…but couldn’t stay out long.
This little play activity was perfect for warm, inside, table-top play.

Spring Play Dough: Exploring Imprints

We gathered up a few fun colors of play dough and some spring-y objects to explore the imprints they would make in the play dough.
Fun with textures, fine motor dexterity, and resistive play… (pressing little objects into the play dough is perfect for providing a little proprioceptive input to the little joints of the hand.)…this was a fun one for Big Sister, Little Guy, Baby Girl, and my niece and nephew.

Pre-Handwriting Exercise

An easy play activity like this would be great to do before something that requires the child to work their hands with fine motor dexterity and adjustments in pressure/manipulation (Handwriting!)
It’s a fun exercise like this one wakes up the hands before they have to get to work on forming letters and pencil control.
Little Guy liked the footprints that the chick made.  He really had fun guessing what made each one of the imprints after I took them out of the play dough.
Try this one with any little objects you have around the house…everyone will love it 🙂

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  1. My guys LOVES the playdough 🙂 It's about time for a new batch.

    Thanks for sharing at Sharing Saturday!

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