Community Helpers Slide Deck

Community helper activity with a themed slide deck for occupational therapy virtual therapy sessions.

Today, I’ve got another virtual OT slide deck coming your way, featuring community helpers! These interactive activities are perfect for occupational teletherapy teletherapy or virtual lesson plans. This community helpers theme includes fine and gross motor based activities, handwriting prompts, a visual perception activity, mindfulness activities, a self-regulation check-in, and an eye-hand coordination activity. This … Read more

Benefits of Mindfulness

Benefits of mindfulness

There are many benefits of mindfulness, and in particular to the practice of mindfulness for children. Mindfulness affects the brain development and mechanisms in a few different ways according to research. Some research has indicated that the brain is impacted structurally through mindfulness activities.  Benefits of Mindfulness Here are a few ways that mindfulness dresses … Read more

Zones of Regulation Activities

The Zones of Regulation program is a self-regulation tool to help kids identify, address, and use strategies to achieve self-control and emotional regulation in a non-judgmental and safe way. All of us can use zones of regulation activities to monitor, maintain, and change our level of regulation. Here, you will find zones of regulation activities … Read more

Coping Strategies for Kids

Coping strategies for kids

Whether it’s the classroom, home, or day to day life…coping strategies for kids are needed. Coping strategies are mechanisms or tools to adjust and respond to emotions, stressors, and unbalance so that one can function and complete daily occupations, or everyday tasks. Coping tools help to balance and regulate a person. Coping strategies can look … Read more

Occupational Therapy in Schools

Make inexpensive occupational therapy tips for school based OT, and other suggestions for heading back to school during the pandemic.

Occupational therapy in schools looks a lot different than it has in the past. With social distancing requirements, sanitizing needs, and changes to school schedules, therapists are looking for ways to meet the needs of their students. This year, school-based OT looks different than any other year, and occupational therapy activities will reflect those changes. … Read more

Wellness Research

Wellness research is important to discover and study when considering the health and wellbeing of kids and families.

Well, there is one thing for sure. When it comes to practice, occupational therapists need evidence. Today, we’re talking about wellness research. We’re discussing aspects of wellness and well being based on the studies and the research that is out there. This wellness information will be a resource for anyone looking to serve and create … Read more

Summer Occupational Therapy Activities Packet

summer occupational therapy activities for kids

This occupational therapy activity kit is designed to meet a variety of skills addressed in OT. Included in this bundle of printable resources are tools to address fine motor skills, visual perception, visual motor skills, sensory processing, self-regulation, pencil control, handwriting, and more. Add this packet to your summer programming, ESY services, or home programs.The activities can be adapted to meet the needs of students at all levels and in several different ways so that the activities can be used over and over again in coming months.

Space Theme Activities Therapy Slide Deck

space activities for kids to use in occupational therapy activities.

Have you been enjoying the occupational therapy slide decks available here on The OT Toolbox? In case you’ve missed them, the virtual therapy slide decks have been a hit with therapists seeking out OT activities that can easily be used in occupational therapy teletherapy sessions or distance learning sessions using little to no equipment. Today, … Read more