Children’s Books for Zones of Regulation

Zones of Regulation children's books

Here we are covering tons of Children’s Books for Zones of Regulation. These are self-regulation books for kids that reinforce the concepts from the Zones of Regulation program for self-regulation and self-modulation. These books pair well with the concepts in the popular self-regulation program and go very nicely with the hands-on Zones of Regulation activities … Read more

The Limbic System and Function

fight, flight, fright, and function based on the limbic system

Did you know that the limbic system plays an important role in everything we do? As occupational therapists, educators, and parents, understanding the role of the limbic system and function is not only practical information…it’s essential to understand when it comes to child development and day to day functioning as children learn, play, participate in … Read more

Sensory Nature Walk for the Family

Nature walk activities for sensory nature experiences for the whole family

There are so many benefits to getting the whole family out for a family nature walk. Besides the physical exercise and family time, nature walks are powerful tools to incorporate all of the senses without any sensory equipment. Research tells us outdoor sensory play has many benefits. Use the sensory activities described here to learn … Read more

Prone Extension Activities

Prone extension

Prone extension… this is a topic that comes up often when talking about occupational therapy activities! So often, we see kiddos who struggle with sensory modulation, core strength and core stability, body awareness, endurance, sensory processing needs. Prone extension activities can help strengthen and address other areas like those mentioned, and more. Below, you’ll find … Read more

Fun Mindfulness Activities

Here, you will find fun mindfulness activities to help kids with creative mindfulness exercises that can help kids feel better, reduce stress, address anxiety, and have a greater awareness of their body and mind. Mindfulness activities for kids can be used as a self-regulation tool or a coping strategy. The sky’s the limit! Looking for more … Read more

Mindfulness for Kids YouTube Videos

Mindfulness is an important part of self-regulation and the ability to regulate our senses, feelings, and body. It’s a skill that allows us to be aware of our body without responding rashly. Mindfulness for kids is important in the ability to pay attention and responding to input from the world around us, including emotionally and … Read more

Easy Coping Strategy

It can be hard to deal with the stress and anxiety caused by emotions.  For the child who is developing in this area, coping with emotions can be hard!  Kids with developmental delays in cognitive, emotional, physical, or sensory delays can especially suffer with impaired coping abilities to stress or anxiety.  Sometimes, those big feelings … Read more