ABC’s of Summer Learning. The Playful Learning Plan for Back-to-School

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We are so excited to pull this post together! With the end of summer looming and back-to-school fall schedules not so far off, we thought it would be fun to present an A to Z list of fun, creative, and educational play and learning activities. 
These ideas can be done all throughout the summer
so pin this for next year ;)…
or look through the list and pick and choose a few activities to extend out the dog days of summer.  Summer is meant to be a time to slow down on the schedules, lists, educational tips and pointers…and  a time for the kids to just have fun being kids.  We wanted to pull together a list from around the web and share playful and fun activities to make the most of summer before those fall schedules start up again.  Now is the time to make a few memories.  Kids learn through play so the best learning comes through playful activities.  Let’s wrap up the summer with a full alphabet of fun.
Here we have it…the ABC’s of Summer Learning! 
A is for:   Alphabet Ice Muffins 
               Write the Alphabet.
               Animals at the Lake Small World Play 
               Practice your Address
B is for:   35 Free Things to do at the Beach by Nothing if Not Intentional
               Blow Bubbles.
               Make a Book Nook 
               Paint a Bluebird 
C is for:   Crumbly Coconut Dough by Creative Playhouse
               Camp Out.
               Collect Coins.
               Make your own Colored Sand by Sugar Aunts
D is for:   Dandelions. Get messy with Dandelion Sensory Play 
               Decorate Bikes by Coffee Cups and Crayons
               Dial your phone number. Practice important numbers.
E is for:   Egg Carton Sea Life Fantastic Fun and Learning
               Eat a new food.
               Explore a new playground.
               Encourage Eye-Hand Coordination with Ice 
F is for:   Practice Fine Motor Skills with Fireworks activities 
               Make Baby Sensory Fireworks 
               Visit a Farmers Market.
               Catch Fireflies.
G is for:   Grow a Garden 
               Indoor Gross Motor Play 
               Hammer Golf Tees in the Ground 
               Help put away the Groceries.
H is for:   Help The Homeless 
               Practice Handwriting 
               Play Hide and Seek.
               Count to One Hundred.
I is for:   Make Ice Cream Dough 
              Make Ice Cream in a Bag 
              Collect Insects.
              Create an Ice Train by Play Trains!
J is for:   Jump in Puddles.
              Make Fourth of July Goopy Dough 
              Make Jello
K is for:   Keep Cool with Water Games for Kids 
               Kick a Ball
               Fly a Kite
               Make a Lemonade stand
               Create a Luau Water Bin

M is for:   Enjoy Messy Play 
               Curate a Seashell Museum by The Pleasantest Thing
               Make Music 
               Make a Map of your house.

N is for:   Go on a Nature Hunt 
                Collect things in Nature  
                Practice your Name
                Work on Numbers in Nature 

O is for:   Obstacle Course by Lalymom
                Play Outside

 P is for:   Have a Summer-themed Play Date 
                Practice your Phone Number.
                Paint Clouds by Coffee Cups and Crayons
                Have a Picnic.

Q is for:    Sort and Manipulate Quarters 
                Play the Quiet Game
                Make a fort with a Quilt

R is for:   Rainbow Chalk Writing 
                Have Relay Races by Mamas Like Me
                Read books.
                Ride your bike.
S is for:    Enjoy Summertime Sand Play by The Good Long Road
                Play Simon Says
                Use Strawberry Counting Cards by Boy Mama Teacher Mama
                Create a Suncatcher by Buggy and Buddy
T is for:    Make Train Tracks in the Sand by Play Trains!
                Try something new.
                Enjoy Textures with Driveway Chalk 
                Play Tic Tac Toe.
U is for:    Plan an Under The Sea Party by KC Edventures
                 Use an Umbrella in the rain.
                 Help Unload the dishwasher.
V is for:    Practice your Visual Motor Skills 
                Plant some Vegetables.
                Read some Vintage Summer Books by KC Edventures
W is for:   Make a Watermelon Craft to Practice Cutting Skills by Frogs &
                Snails & Puppy Dog Tails.
                Play Water Balloon Games by Fantastic Fun and Learning
                Create a few Water Bins                
Go for a Walk
X is for:    Make a Homemade Xylophone in the backyard by And Next Comes L 
                Make a Treasure Map where “X” marks the spot.
Y is for:     Go for a walk and Look For Yellow by Tips from a Typical Mom
                 Name the months in the Year.
Z is for:    Practice Cutting Zig Zags 
                 Visit the Zoo
                 Learn your Zipcode
So there it is!  Get out there and enjoy the end of summer…with a little educational play thrown in!