Pizza Shop Pretend Play. Felt Pizza

We added a cardboard sheet and painted a little more for a pizza shop feel on another side of the play house. 
We’ve been playing Pizza shop all week!
And what is a pizza shop without Pizza?!?!
We’ve made felt food in the past (fuzzy cookies, anyone?)
…and so it was easy to snip up a pizza to go along with our pizza shop.
Big Sister and Little Guy have been busy taking orders.
(On their hand phone.  Literally. They say, “Mom, your hand phone is ringing!” LOVE their imagination!!)
Everything we used in our pizza shop, was already in the house.  Boxeswere otherwise going to be recycled, paint was left over from other projects, fabric and felt all in my craft supplies.  We added the kid’s toy cash register and a few kitchen tools for added pretend play.
And I’ve been placing maaaany Pizza orders in their little shop!
And we’ve had LOTS of Pizza faces 🙂
Our little Pizza shop has been pretty active with so much imagination play, creativity, and art work…And of course just fun!

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