Playing with purple (tripod grasp with Wikki Sticks)

We pulled out the Wikki Stix again!
The kids had a ball pushing them into a grated cheese shaker… and worked on their tripod grasp while they were at it!
Baby Girl and my niece and nephew (both 18 months) were really into this. There were a lot of little hands reaching in there at one point.  They liked to take the lid off of the container and twist it back on.

This kind of activity is great for cause and effect and their eye-hand coordination.

I stuck to one color to encourage them to say “purple” and not overwhelm them with 20 little Wikki Stix.  Sometimes it’s good to avoid flying Wikki Stix…and that’s when they seem to “walk off” and  you find them in random places.
…like stuck to the shower stall….
Big Sister had fun sporting her new purple frames…

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