Share It Saturday and Our Week-In-Review

Share It Saturday and Our Week-In-Review

We’ve had a fun week and hope you have, too! Here’s what we’ve been up to this week:
We celebrated a special little nephew’s 2nd birthday party with a Pirate theme. Watch this space for more party details!
We had a real-life “I Spy” Game going on one day.  This was a last minute activity thrown to gether, but the kids loved it so much that we’ve been playing “I Spy” allll week.  Watch for a post on this soon, too 🙂
We’ve been stopping to watch the construction vehicles.  How fun is it to pull the van over on the side of the road (or into CVS’ parking lot…) and just sit and listen to your 3 year olds excitement!

We’ve had a busy and fun week and are ready to celebrate the weekend with our favorite features from this week’s link up…
Here We Go!
We join the gals at Teach Beside Me and Golden Grasses as co-hosts in our weekly link up party.
Our Featured Links this week take us back to the simple ways to Play With Your Kids.  Easy, fun, and Simple!
School Time Snippets made an easy and basic bird feeder.  We’ve all done this as a kid…and even the birds like it simple!
Toddling In The Fast Lane played hopscotch.  There is so much learning and growth that can occur with this timeless play activity.
Strong Start created a quiet place for little ones.  It doesn’t need to be extravagant…blankets and a few chairs will do the job.  We all need to slow down and find our quiet place sometimes.
Moms Have Questions Too introduced a parquetry activity to her son.  This is a fantastic visual motor and fine motor activity that is SIMPLE and EASY.
Making Boys Men shows us 5 ways to play with tires! Us Sugar Aunt sisters grew up with this kind of play EVERY DAY.  Fun, messy, and simple…ah, the good ‘ol days 🙂
Powerful Mothering shares with us how she created a simple ball and box activity.  Sometimes all it takes is the basics for hours of fun!


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