Teach Bike Riding: Tips from a Therapist

One play-based skill that most parents struggle with is dealing with teaching their child how to ride a bike. In this blog post, we cover how to teach bike riding, based on the underlying skills that are needed for balancing and pedaling a bicycle. We’ll address how to ride a bike without training wheels, and how to support your child’s specific needs when it comes to learning to ride a bike. Summer occupational therapy activities include working on the skills kids WANT to get better at! So, if you’re starting with a balance bike, then you are in the right place, because we love to use balance bikes to teach bike riding skills! We’ll cover how to teach balance bike riding as well.

Let’s get started!

teach bike riding

Teach Bike Riding based on underlying skills

One of the best tips for learning to ride a bike a therapy provider can suggest is to target the underlying skills that impact balance, sitting on a bike, pedaling, steering, and braking a bicycle. Considering the skills needed for riding a bicycle pertains to children with neurodiverse needs, typically developing children, and even adults learning to ride a bike!

Pediatric occupational therapists work with children to help them accomplish functional tasks, from play, to self-care, to learning, to day-to-day activities. Riding a bike is just one of those areas that an occupational therapist can work with children and families to facilitate function and ability.

When children struggle with riding a bike, there may be underlying issues happening that impact the successful transition to independent bike riding. Those areas might be as a result of an injury or diagnosis, or it might be a weakness in a specific area like strength, coordination, or balance.

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How to teach kids to write a bike using a balance bike.

Skills needed for bike riding

When occupational therapy professionals work with children to achieve the functional task of riding a bicycle, they can help kids achieve independence with areas that are needed for bike riding:

  • Core strength
  • Motor planning
  • Balance
  • Sequencing
  • Postural praxis
  • Upper body/lower body disassociation
  • Motivation
  • Body awareness
  • Visual convergence
  • Visual scanning
  • Coordination

All of these areas can be achievable by working on underlying areas through therapy.

There are many skills that kids need to ride a bike. Use these therapy tips to help teach bike riding.

How to Teach a Child to Ride a Bike

These are the general steps to follow when teaching a child to ride a bike.

Select the appropriate bike: Riding a bike requires visual skills, motor skills, and cognition. Determining the best bike to support these needs is pivotal. For the young child who is gaining more refined control of motor skills, or the individual requiring greater motor support, it may be best to start with a tricycle bike.

Others may benefit from a balance bike (see below) or a bike with greater back support. The great news is that there are many options out there to support specific needs.

Some of the adaptive equipment or modifications that can aid the child in maintaining balance while riding a bike include:

  • Specialized seating
  • Handlebar adaptations
  • Foot support options like rear box, pedal toe cages, wider pedals, platform pedals, or pedal straps
  • Bike height
  • Back rest
  • Three-wheeled bike options
  • Trunk support
  • Stabilizer wheels
  • Thigh supports
  • Safety training handle

One tip that is beneficial to all new bike riders is to ensure that the bike that fits them well. Sizing a bike to fit the rider means that the bike height should allow the rider to comfortably touch the ground with their feet when seated.

Teach a child how to balance on a bike

When working on a preferred task like learning to ride a bike, a therapy professional will look at several things that contribute to the ability to balance and sit on a bicycle.

These are the skills that are needed for balance and coordination to sit on a bicycle and maintain balance:

  • Core strength/stability
  • Bilateral coordination
  • Visual gaze up (looking out in front of the bike, not down at the pedals)
  • Separation of upper body/lower body (Upper body/lower body disassociation)
  • Seated balance
  • Muscle strength
  • Visual processing skills
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Range of motion
  • Endurance
  • Motor planning

Once the balance is in place, then you will start to see the ability to move the pedals and steer as an integrated process. This all happens through practice and experience in bike riding, but before one can move the bike, they need to have the basic ability to sit upright on the bicycle frame and place feet onto the pedals to start pushing.

One way to address the balance aspect is to use a balance bike which has no pedals and allows the child to focus on maintaining balance and steering.

Balance tip: When teaching balance on a bike for the first time, try finding a flat lawn. The grass offers more resistance which is greater feedback through the pedals than a relatively smoother surface of a parking lot. Plus, the grass is a better place to land compared to the asphalt of a street or parking lot.

To teach kids to have and maintain balance:

  • Consider balance exercises off the bike: The physical therapist will design exercises and activities to target the child’s balance and stability. This may include activities such as sitting on a therapy ball, balancing on a wobble board, or performing dynamic movements while seated.
  • Teach them to scoot: Encourage your child to straddle the bike with their feet on the ground. Demonstrate how to push off with their feet and glide, using their legs to maintain balance. This helps them get comfortable with the motion of the bike.
  • Work on pedal motion: One of the main pieces of balance is getting those pedals moving. When the pedals are moving, the bike is balanced (including the upper body balance as well). To support pedal use, there are contributing factors: bilateral coordination, gross motor coordination, force modulation, holding the foot in place without pushing too hard, holding the foot on the pedal platform, and using pedal brakes.
  • Verbal prompts- Use consistent prompts for pushing pedals: “push down” and “raise up”. Encourage the learner to always start with their stronger foot too, using their dominant foot to start the pedals and to push on the break.
  • Physical prompts- Start by holding onto the handle bars as a physical prompt. Then move to holding onto the seat. A seat extender can help too.
  • Braking- Getting the hang of steering helps with balance. Sudden stops can impact balance so working on smooth motor planning.

Therapy Tips for Bike riding

Use a bike without pedals to work on balance.

Address pre-bike riding skills by breaking down the skills that kids need for bike riding, including coordination of both legs, core strength, etc.

Work on core strength with activities like animal walks, donkey kicks, bicycle leg pumps, standing on one foot to build balance.

Use a balance bicycle to work on fears related to balance by allowing kids to glide feet along the sides of the bike.

Work on motor planning by stopping and starting the pedal-less bike and picking feet up/running feet along the bike, and stopping the balance bicycle.

Address core strength and endurance with yoga.

Address balance and upper body/lower body disassociation by pushing feet down and lifting feet up to practice gliding and balance.

Address vestibular issues by practice getting on and off the balance bicycle with both feet down on the floor and then just one foot down on the floor.

Work on vestibular input and balance, coordination by working on lean with a balance bicycle.

Build confidence in young bicycle users by instilling confidence in riding a bike without pedals.

Using a bike without pedals offers so many opportunities to work on all of the areas needed for bike riding, and core strengthening, motor planning, balance, and sequencing can help children become successful in helping them reach this goal.

Balance Bike for teaching bike riding skills

There are so many reasons why as an occupational therapist, I love the use of a balance bicycle to help children learn to ride a bike. I would love to share those reasons for using a bike without pedals in teaching bike riding. Here, you’ll also find bike riding tips and reasons that a balance bicycle helps children with balance and bike riding skills.

balance Bike for Kids

Balance bikes are nice to work on some of the skills that impact overall bike riding:

  • Balance without the pedal aspect
  • Navigating obstacles
  • Steering
  • Using a helmet
  • Encouraging disassociation of two legs in pedal motion without the pedals- the balance bike requires legs to “run” alongside the bike. This is a great precursor to pedaling.

At this stage, teaching kids to use a balance kid for 2 year old children can involve pre-bike riding skills. These can involve things like breaking down the skills kids need and working on the areas listed above.

In all of these ways, bikes without pedals are so helpful for teaching bike riding, from 2 years old and older!

Balance bike from Radio Flyer

Radio Flyer Air Ride Balance Bike

Want to add a bike without pedals to your toolbox? Let’s get kids moving and building skills!

The Radio Flyer Air Ride Balance Bike is a great tool to add to your therapy toolbox or to use in your home to teach young kids to ride a bike! The Radio Flyer Air Ride Balance Bicycle is a pedal-less bike that allows kids to build balance and other bike riding skills.

Check out the comments below, for ideas on how readers would use the balance bicycle to teach a child to ride a bike!

Colleen Beck, OTR/L has been an occupational therapist since 2000, working in school-based, hand therapy, outpatient peds, EI, and SNF. Colleen created The OT Toolbox to inspire therapists, teachers, and parents with easy and fun tools to help children thrive. Read her story about going from an OT making $3/hour (after paying for kids’ childcare) to a full-time OT resource creator for millions of readers. Want to collaborate? Send an email to contact@theottoolbox.com.

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    As a therapist, there is nothing more powerful than supporting a child and their family in learning to ride a bike. When the child is successful…the pride expressed by the child and their parents/caregivers is palpable.

    A balance bike can be a key stepping stone to enabling bike riding.

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    I would use this bike to teach my 4yo daughter how to balance and move herself along on the bike. I’m an OT and know the value of balance bikes as a beginning step to pedaling and bike. My daughter has struggled with balance and coordination and I am excited at the thought of teaching her these skills over the winter. Thank you for this opportunity!

  41. I would use this inside first to go around obstacles in the house, to gain confidence. then I would move to the outside with greater variables

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  53. I work at a school in two self contained classrooms and a preschool! This bike would impact 26 kids lives this year and because of radio flyer’s superior quality many more over the next 20 years! A great resource when teacher’s are addressing core strength in small groups! Thanks for all you do and for this great opportunity! Good luck to all!

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  61. Hello! I am a pediatric occupational therapist and I teach a bike riding program with my children. One of the first steps of this program is to ride a bike without peddles. The children have to bring their own bikes for this program. We do not have one at our facility. This is program is excellent; however, we are only able to offer it to children who have a bike. Some of our children’s families are unable to afford a bike. Having this at our facility would open up the opportunity for all children to participate in learning this fun and important life skill! Thank you so much for this opportunity!!!

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  69. This is amazing! I would use it to help with bilateral coordination and core strengthening! It would be wonderful for sensory input as well! What a fun way to work on important skills through play!

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  78. My 3 year old son really wants to ride his bike. 2 of my 3 older kids really struggled with learning to ride. For our 3rd kiddo we borrowed a bigger bike someone had taken the wheels off of and used it as a balance bike. Within 2 or 3 days she was riding like a pro. I would love to have this balance bike for my youngest so he can learn to and we can go on family bike rides.

    As a side note. As I was entering my info for this comment, there was a picture stuck over the top of the form so I couldn’t see what I was supposed to type in the space below my email. Hope I put the right info there. ?

  79. I have a 4 year old grandson with the genetic disorder SCN2A who would LOVE to ride a bike! He adores watching his older brother ride his bike and tries soo hard (with lots of support) to learn to ride his brothers’ hand-me-down bike. Surprising him (and his parents) with a bike like this would be a dream come true!

  80. I could really use it for my autistic 4 y/o who is being homeschooled. Once he outgrows it I would love to donate it to a local therapy program that provides free therapies to qualifying kids until age 3 that is funded by the state.

  81. This would be a great addition to my toolbox! I would use it for sensory breaks, developing coordination and motor planning skills- to name a few! It would be a great motivator for kids to work on skills that are difficult for them in a fun and functional way!

  82. This would be a great tool to work on motor planning as well as to provide a structured movement break for my early childhood and younger students. Upper and lower body association is a frequent deficit due to a lack of body awareness. So this bike would be a beneficial tool to work on that skill also.

  83. I am determined to support my clients with vestibular processing and balance and show the families how fun riding a bike can be for a child on the spectrum!

  84. I would use this to share with children who otherwise would not be able to afford this. This way my children will be able to socialize with peers while riding a bike.

  85. I would use this at homes and in the clinics with kiddos who struggle with vestibular processing. I would have them push it for heavy work, wash it for tactile processing, and ride it for fun!!!

  86. I am the clinic manager for a peds therapy clinic and 90% of our caseload it low income children and the majority of them are never introduced to a bike. We would be able to use the bike in the clinic to introduce bike riding skills as well as work on strength, coordination and balance.

  87. Where has this been? Or where have I been? LOL I can’t believe I didn’t know about this before! An amazing piece of equipment to add to our ever-growing toolbox. What a valuable skill, not to mention building so many other skills in the process, to help our kids with!

  88. I would work with my PT to help some of our students who are struggling with this much needed “life skill”

  89. This will be a great asset to my practice! It is sometimes difficult to implement this fundamental occupation with the low income families I work with. Having this will at least give my kiddos a chance to learn even though they don’t have one at home!

  90. I would use this bike with the kids I work with on the spectrum who often have low tone and motor planning issues to build prerequisite skills to riding a bike as well as improve these areas that cross over to so many other areas!

  91. This would be a great addition to our preK classroom. Love and use a lot of your ideas and suggestions. Thanks for your support!

  92. This would be a great gross motor and body awareness warm up. With the lack of outdoor play, any opportunity to introduce balance and bike riding to children is welcomed!

  93. As a second year OT with a limited budget for therapy items, this would be a great addition to my toolbox!

  94. This would be great for our kids at the clinic! As we don’t have much gross motor play with our small clinic and with it getting colder it will be even less. This is a great opportunity!

  95. I work as an OT in a low income elementary school. This bike would be a great tool to work on core strengthening and bilateral coordination. It could be a great warm up activity or reward at the end for working hard during a session. I have a small outdoor track right next to my therapy scape and this would be a perfect tool to help utilize that outdoor space more during sessions.

  96. This would be such a great addition to my therapy room. I have so many children that don’t know how to ride a bike!

  97. If it can be done, I would help the child feel comfortable about balance first. I would take the petals off so that the child could use his feet to propel and learn to balance before graduating to petals.

  98. I have 2 year old twin nieces that were premies and would greatly benefit from improving their gross motor skills using this type of bike!

  99. I taught both my kids and a few of their friends to ride a bike. Now I’d like to continue the tradition and teach my granddaughter. The balance bike would be a great way to get her started.

  100. As a reading therapist, I wound use this with students for movement break and with the additional purpose of developing mental focus for the balancing exercise as well as guiding students to transfer focusing skills from one task (balancing on the bike) to focus on multiple tasks, such as reading comprehension.

  101. I would use it at the non-profit county SPED preschool serving (100+ families) that I work for. We would use it outside in our playground, which has a paved riding circle for the students. They would love learning to balance and ride this bike. OT and SLPs and SPED teachers would appreciate it. Thank you.

  102. I would give it to a family of one of the children I see that would benefit from this bike but doesn’t have the money due to Covid19.

  103. I would use this as a trial bike for the school based rehab students that I service. This would be an excellent addition to our “loan” cupboard as an agency. Sue

  104. We have kids in our school who don’t have or only have some of the requirements (trunk stability and strength, balance, coordination, motor planning and body/spatial awareness. A child also needs a well-established vestibular and proprioceptive system.) that will help them to be able to ride a bike not even to talk about school work – writing, posture there are so many thing that will improve if they get time to learn to ride a bike. They are all from rural areas they don’t even have bikes or a safe place to ride a bike.

  105. The Radio Flyer Balance Bike would be an outstanding tool for my your clients who are struggling to learn to ride a bike without training wheels. I would use this as part of our annual Bike Clinic to have youth throughout our community see the benefits of a balance bike and help families learn strategies to help their kids learn to ride a bike.
    Perhaps this will become a reality!

  106. What an amazing prize this would be! We’ve all had to get creative with services during COVID. I’d use this at school during OT/PT sessions, or for kiddos who need a brain break! We have very few hallway transitions now, so long empty hallways galore!!

  107. I would use this as a part of a par course and for sensory breaks to work on balance, motor planning and self regulation skills.

  108. I work in a clinic with low income families and foster children who have never been taught to ride a bike or have coordination or sensory issues that impede their ability to ride. This will help teach them the skills necessary to generalize to bike riding and higher coordination activities.

  109. I would give this to the low-income special needs preschool I work with. Not only would it be a great opportunity to develop motor skills, it would be a great to work on communication/sharing (since I know they will all want a turn!) 🙂

  110. I would use it in the schools I work in to teach kids how to ride a bike, as well as, work on underling skills (balance, core strength, ect).

  111. I would use this to work on dissociation, coordination, and balance with children who need to develop those skills before they will be successful on a bike with pedals.

  112. Oh my goodness! This is just like the bike I learned on, the Radio Flyer! I love it so much!!! What a wonderful opportunity to teach my students how to ride a bike. My students need sensory breaks often and this would be an amazing opportunity to use their muscles, strength, and endurance in a fun, positive way. Thank you so much!

  113. I would love to use this bike to help my 3 yo grand with balance and core strength. Then, it would be donated to my favorite OT for therapy and sensory breaks.

  114. I would use this to teach my 4-yr-old (with some developmental delays) how to ride bike (it could really help with his balance and coordination). He’s also a sensory seeker, so I’d also use it as a sensory tool for him.

  115. I always recommend the Radio Flyer Balance Bike to the families on my caseload looking for strategies for learning to ride a bike. It’s a great activity for promoting core stability and bilateral integration in addition to sensory input. What a great tool for both my home-based and school-based pediatric clients!

  116. Wow! What a great give away! I would use it for my PK-2nd grade students to work on balance, coordination, strengthening, sensory insecurities, sensory breaks, so many areas can be addressed!

  117. My co-therapist and I are working on bike skills and are really focusing on core strengthening and body separation. We are learning more and more about integrating reflexes as well. This bike would be awesome to have in our rural school setting!

  118. I would use this bike to assist children in developing the balance and core strength as well as awareness of where they are in space. Children need SO many motor experiences in our world today!
    Deb T, PT

  119. This would help alot of the children in my class and the toddler class with the pre bike skills. It truly build balance and core. Would be a wonderful addition to inside grossmotor during the winter!!! Thanks for the chance!!!

  120. My boss and I recently opened up a community-based OT clinic in an underserved area. Like all OTs, I use a holistic approach when providing education about exercise and wellness. Using this bike in the clinic would also help work on skills such as safety awareness, motor coordination skills, and reflex integration. I love all of the great ideas from the other commenters provided!

  121. This would be an amazing tool to help my almost two year old to gain balance and confidence in riding a bike! As an OT, I would also be able to bring it to work to use with my sweet kiddos who need the extra help with balance, motor planning, and core strength. I work for a local school district so we don’t have a lot of extra funds to buy items like this to help our children.

  122. I have many students who would benefit from the balance and coordination practice that this would provide during PT sessions and recess.

  123. Strong core muscles help the extended system and at times compensate for their lack of strength/flexibility. We are always looking for ways to strengthen core muscles. Bonus, teaching kids balance and coordination.

  124. Bikes are such an amazing tool! Riding a bike works on so many different areas in only one activity. I would use this with my little guys for sensory input before stationary fine motor activities that require more sustained attention.

  125. Having this bike would be so helpful with my two boys, especially since we are handing a lot of the therapy at home now!!

  126. This would be fabulous for balance training and much more motivating for my kids than simply sitting on a yoga ball and marching in place to enhance balance!

  127. I have worked with teaching students to ride a bike before but this bike would be useful in my therapy for teaching balance, bilateral integration, safety, sensory motor, and many more skills.

  128. I work in the public schools and it would be a great way to
    Teach student a healthy leisure skill for life, help with cardiovascular health and help develop body awareness among so many other things.

  129. This is a fun way to encourage core strength and bilateral coordination! We are in a rural community with limited resources and I would love to donate the Radio Flyer balance bike to one of the preschools I work for.

  130. I would use this in the school setting for my students (OT here!) to work on motor planning, balance, and coordination. Also would be a great gross motor break now that they’re stuck in on e classroom all day!

  131. I would share this with the physical therapist at my school so that we both can work toward our ultimate goal of making the child as functional as possible.

  132. I can picture my school’s OT/PT students cruising up and down the hallway with this! How awesome would that be?! It would be a great therapy tool

  133. I’m an OT that works in the schools. This would be a nice addition to the therapy department as the district I work in is very poor!
    Thank you

  134. I would use this at work! I am an OT who works in 4 different elementary schools and this bike would be great for my kids at school. I used a balance bike with both of my our kids and it worked so well! Thanks so much for these great giveaways!

  135. I have many children on my caseload that are working toward learning to riding a bike so they can ride with their brothers, sisters and friends! This would really help pull all they are learning and working together in a very meaningful and purposeful way! Would be over the moon to have this as a tool for the kiddos!

  136. I would love to use this to Teach my preschoolers how to ride a bike. I see so much growth once I can get my students to get on a bike and pedal.

  137. I have a kiddo at school that would benefit from having this bike. It would boost his confidence and gain skills as a stepping stone.

  138. I would love to teach my daughter how to ride a bike using this balance bike so she can keep up with her two older brothers!

  139. What a wonderful giveaway! I would use this with so many Kids in our clinic. Everyone should know how to ride a bike. I feel like recently there are so many kids getting left out on this life skill.

  140. A balance bike would be an amazing way to work on core strength, balance and endurance along with many other skills! It would be awesome for many of the kids I work with!

  141. This bike would be perfect for teaching my students how to ride a bike while building their confidence and self-esteem! It will allow them to build their strength, balance, coordination, and motor planning skills in a successful way that will encourage them to keep trying and not allow them to fail! I would love this bike!

  142. I work in a very large school. This bike would be a great way to transition some students and get a motor break learning to ride a bike.

  143. This bike would be a great addition to our ECD classroom. Let me just name a few things that it would provide – core work, reciprocating movement, sensory break, motivation to complete task along with balance and coordination! It would be put to great use!

  144. I would love to add this to our sensory space. We have so much room and so many kiddos that would benefit from this via avoiding obstacles, balancing, and even going down small ramps!

  145. I would use this as part of my students’ sensory motor integration program, as well as a fun incentive activity for task completion!

  146. This would be perfect to address initial balance and positioning to facilitate bike riding. It would also be great to add as a step of an obstacle course, as well a great sensory break during sessions.

  147. This would be perfect for my nephew. All three of my boys started on a balance bike. Definitely the way to go.

  148. There are other OTs and a PT in my district that could benefit from a bike. I think it would be a great warmup activity or even a great way to work on balance and bilateral coordination with many elementary students!

  149. I would use this to help my kiddos learn to ride a bike as well as target balance, coordination, bilateral coordination, lower body strength, core strength, etc. My kiddos would love this!

  150. I would like to use the balance bike to address the vestibular issue of my three sons who are diagnosed with autism.

  151. I would use this bike with my kids so they can have fun while also improving their bilateral coordination and motor skills!

  152. Judy

    What a wonderful gift to give to a deserving parent of a physically challenged child who might otherwise never have a chance to realize his/her potential.

  153. A balance bike would be an amazing way to help teach my son, who is struggling to ride a bike, finally gain confidence in his balance on a bike; and hopefully master the challenging skill!

  154. I am an OT and would use this to help my own children, as well as children I work with to improve coordination and balance.

  155. Not only would this be great for my three year old son, but it would also be great to be able to share it with my ECSE classrooms for them to you during gross motor gym time!

  156. Years ago, my typically functioning son had one of these and as a result, was a proficient bicycle rider by 3 years old. Today, my caseload at work has many children who could benefit from the increased balance and vestibular skills gained with a bike like this! Since the PT office is right next to mine at school, we could definitely share a product like this, benefitting even more children!

  157. As an OT, this bike would assist with development of my students’ core strength, coordination, endurance, and balance. My students would absolutely love to use it during their warm up activities.

  158. The balance bike would be an incredible addition to my therapy gym. It would help so many of my students meet their IEP goals.


  159. I work at a small outpatient clinic, and we have many clients that would benefit from this! We have to buy all of our own equipment so usually require parents to bring in personal bikes if we want to work on the skills. Having something at the clinic would be amazing!

  160. I have actually been thinking about buying this for my son and daughter, I would love to use it to teach them balance and how to ride a bike.

  161. I would use this bike as an option for sensory breaks for students. I would also use it as a warm up balance and vestibular activity prior to table top fine and visual motor tasks! The kids would be so excited about this!

  162. Would be great for my k-2 students with Autism to be able to improve balance and participate with same age peers. Thank you for this opportunity

  163. I would love to use this when we return to school. Sensory breaks but also for our many impoverished kids who don’t have a bike and thus will most likely never learn to ride a bike. This would improve so many skills for my kiddos-motor planning, coordination, sequencing, increasing CONFIDENCE, etc.!

  164. I would use this at my clinic to teach some of my younger kiddos how to ride a bike! Many of their parent goals for them is to ride a bike!

  165. I am thankful for this giveaway opportunity. I would use this bike to help my students with motor skills, social skills of turn taking opportunities, communication of asking to play with the bike, and leisure activities of learning how to play with a new toy. My students have many motor, social and communication needs. This bike could be used as a tool to help improve all areas for my students.

  166. I just got one of my client’s to ride a bike… at 10 years old.

    I was determined to push him to do it before mom resorted to buying special adult-sized training wheels, because I knew he could do it!

    He finally got it after 4 sessions of half of our OT time spent bike riding, and he cried. I cried. Mom cried! I LOVE working on bike riding because it helps with SO many different motor, visual, mental, and other performance skills… but also because it is such a great confidence and independence booster! My kiddo was crying and saying “I’ll never say ‘I can’t do it again!’ “, which is really so much more important than the skill of bike riding.

    Regardless of whether or not I get the balance bike for my clinic, I am still super inspired by all the other posts and by the OT Tool Box’s drive for sharing opportunities… and joy! Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Glad for everyone out there helping us live life to its fullest (:

  167. I would use this bike to build their independence and confidence as well as strengthen their gross motor.

  168. I would use the balance bike help provide a child with vestibular Input to decrease gravitational insecurity with a child who would like to be able to ride a bike like their peers.

  169. I would use the balance bike help provide a child with vestibular Input to decrease gravitational insecurity with a child who would like to be able to ride a bike like their peers.

  170. My son is struggling with balance on a bike. Having a bike like this would definitely help us work together to and for him to build confidence in balancing

  171. I would love to use this bike in OT and with the the PT as well! I have many kids that could use this to address bilateral and alternating coordination as well as core strength/gravitational insecurity and overall balance!

  172. My older daughter just recently learned how to ride a bike without training wheels and the excitement and accomplishment she gained was priceless. I would use this for my younger daughter to build her core and confidence and scaffold the skills to transition to riding a bike. I would also use this with my future pediatric clients who are sensory seeking that might need a sensory break.

  173. I have always wanted this bike to use within our district. It would address a multitude of skills, I would use it to provide a fun and motivating session with my students while addressing underlying needs.

  174. We love to work outside at our school. This would be a great addition and a fantastic way to teach a lifelong leisure skill that so many of our autistic students struggle with.

  175. My daughters would absolutely love this! My oldest is sensory seeking and very active. She has difficulties with balance and coordination and I know this will help with her development as well as speak to her sensory seeking needs!

  176. This would be a great tool to use for my students on my occupational therapy caseload and I would also love to use it to help promote it’s therapeutic value to typical developing kids in my neighborhood and mom groups. Thanks so much for the consideration.

  177. I would love to use this for my son who receives OT and PT to work on motor planning, vestibular issues, weakness etc. I could also use it as a school-based OT for my students who struggle with similar issues. Thank you for your wonderful website!

  178. I could use this bike with so many of the children I see in OT at the clinic. They often struggle with balance, body awareness and motor planning, as well as bilateral coordination. It would be an fun and excellent way to help them work on these skills and build a future exercise habit for good health and social skills!

  179. I would love to use this for my K-2 students! They could use it to transition to and from the classroom (FUN!) and work on balance, etc at the same time!! Love it!

  180. I would hold the handles and back of seat to help balance the child. Riding a bike is such a big success and confidence builder with everyone. Great reminder about all of the skills that are developed.

  181. I would use the balance bike for my 2 daughters in helping them learn how to ride on their own and if it’s big enough for my older twins who are austistic then win win all around

  182. I have a student in my class who is really struggling with riding a bike and I would love to use this with him. We have been working on this for over a year!

  183. This would be an awesome piece of equipment to use with any student! A great way to work on balance, coordination, and a great way to incorporate proprioceptive input!

  184. I would use it as an incentive for my students. I would be able to use the bike to introduce bike riding skills as well as work on strength, coordination and balance. I would also share it with the preschool and PE teachers to get maximum use from it.

  185. As an OT i have noticed not many kids these days know how to ride a bike and that also translates into their abilities to engage in school and social participation as the motor planning, visual perception skills and core skills that are required to ride a bike can be transferred in all aspects in life! It would be amazing to use this bike for brain breaks away from an iPad whilst sneakily still getting in more therapy so these kiddies can reach their full potential! I work for a non-for profit so many of case load dont have the personal funding to even purchase a bike… this way they can at least get some exposure, development and hopefully enjoyment of complex gross motor activities.

  186. Can’t wait to use this bike when we are back in Brick and Mortar school! We have the longest carpeted hallways to practice and learn to balance this bike!

  187. I would use it in soooo very many ways! In the school to offer movement breaks! It would so help with organizing and calming my kiddos nervous systems. Thanks

  188. I would use this with the special needs preschoolers I work with. Many of them could benefit from a balance bike.

  189. With the pandemic outbreak imposing social distancing and restrictions, many parents of the students I serve are struggling to find places and activities to keep their children engaged and regulated. This will be a great tool to teach children the balance skills and coordination needed to ride a bike so that they can engage in a family bike ride activity.

  190. I would use this balance bike with my students to help improve balance, coordination, core strength, and all the other benefits this bike has to offer.

  191. this would be fabulous for my Deaf and hard of hearing students! Some have some balance issues with the inner ear.

  192. I would love this bike to work on bilateral coordination, motor planning, and provide a great movement opportunity during sessions!

  193. I work at a non-profit preschool as an OT. We have almost 100 pre-k and K students with many receiving OT and or PT. This is a wonderful addition to our activities to work on body awareness, visual scanning, strengthening and coordination.

  194. This would be a great addition to my therapy toolbox as I have several children that need help learning how to ride a bike.

  195. I have a lot of kids on my caseload that could benefit from the strengthening, balance training and vestibular stim that riding a bike would provide, and would love to have this tool available for use.

  196. I would use the bike in the preschool setting I work in, serving children who are typical as well as many who have IEPs for various reasons. Many of the children I serve have motor planning challenges, this would be a great tool to introduce bike riding. In addition, it would be useful for the children who are not identified needing services, but struggle due to lack of exposure and oportunity.

  197. I am a pediatric occupational therapist in Upstate NY. I work with just preschoolers. This would be a perfect activity for our upcoming cold months!!

  198. My students would benefit from this equipment to address vestibular processing, gross motor coordination, and motor planning deficits!

  199. I have a 4 year old son with Autism. My husband & I tried to teach him to ride a bike, but I think he has difficulty coordinating top/bottom halves of his body together. Using this bike would allow me to downgrade this activity by eliminating the coordination of the LE (for the time being).

  200. Thank you for this offer. I work with inner-city black children, many of whom do not have a safe place to learn to ride a bicycle when they have difficulty with spatial awareness, strength/endurance, balance, motor, and executive functioning skills. My school has long hallways and I am allowed to use that space for OT activities. This bike would be a marvelous incentive for my kiddos to work on the skills I listed above. Tricia Tandle

  201. I work in a special needs school with limited space so having an outdoor sensory activity would be awesome! We now have 2 year olds attending as well as 3 and up so this would be a great size for them to explore some vestibular input while facilitating so many other skills!

  202. This would be a great addition to the tools used in our special education program since many of our bikes were sent home with students during the shutdown in March and not returned.

  203. The playground at the preschool I service is very limited. This would provide another activity that the students could do, and would provide them with opportunities to work on a variety of skills!

  204. I would use this to teach my learners how to ride a bike, as well as to provide vestibular input for all my seekers!

  205. I would love to teach my son how to ride a bike! He is not interested because he says that it is too hard. Maybe starting on a balance bike would help him to be more interested. Thanks for the tips on teaching him how! I wasn’t sure where exactly to start. After he has learned, I would love to use this bike with some kids on my caseload! They could truly benefit from the multiple skills that using the balance bike addresses!

  206. I usually remove the pedals when I am teaching bike riding. This would save me that step! It’s such a good way to work on balance and motor planning.

  207. I would love this to practice balancing with those who don’t quite have the motor coordination for pedaling yet!

  208. This would be great for students on my caseload to have an opportunity and access to practice learning to ride a bike. What a fun way to work on so many skills.

  209. Pedalless teaching is a concept that many parents haven’t heard of. What a great way to introduce and support the preriding skills needed in school and at home!

  210. I work in ECSE in a low income school district where most of my students do not have tricycles or bicycles. It would be great to have this balance bike to help them with higher level balance skills that they need to work on. This bike would challenge them.

  211. This would be a useful tool that could be used by OTs and PTs at my school. And during this pandemic, it is something that can be easily sanitized. It is motivating and a skill that will work on areas of development kids would in isolation take several exercises. It works on so many important skills, while the students are having fun!

  212. This would be an incredible tool to have students with balance and core strength needs use during recess time with supervision from an educational assistant. It would be a fun and engaging to work on needed skills throughout the school day!

  213. This bike would be very beneficial for assisting those with underlying balance, coordination, and visual perceptual skills on caseload. What a great opportunity – Thank you!

  214. I work with preschool students who would love this bike! Core strength, balance, and coordination are my main goals with these littles! Thanks so much!

  215. As a PT I work with many kids on many levels and bike riding is always on the list! I do not have access to a balance bike, so this would be awesome to add! Thank you!

  216. I have spray chalked a big infinity rainbow in my street. I’d have my students kick bike around the infinity!

  217. I would use this to work with balance on several students in my special needs preK classroom. It is the perfect size for their little bodies.

  218. This would be great for the Early Learning Center I work at. There are several children would have their first opportunity to work on bike riding skills. Children with and without special needs attend the Early Learning Center. This would be such a great tool to work on balance, motor planning and just plain fun!

  219. Would love to use this with my 3-4 year old prek students for all the wonderful benefits of balance, gross motor, fine motor, etc as well as gaining confidence!

  220. I work with medically fragile kids in a low income school. This would be such a great addition during our OT sessions.

  221. I live an work in a school district near the Navajo Reservation in which many of our kiddos come from. We have used a small tricycle that has needed lots of repairs over the years, but the kids love it. I would love for them to have something to move up to and challenge their skills.

  222. I would use this at home first with my daughter to learn the functions of this bike and then adapt the use for children based on their individual abilities in a school setting.

  223. This would be great to work on balance with my preschool caseload. We don’t have access to a playground so their gross motor experiences are sometimes limited.

  224. I would donate the bike to a local integrated preschool program that does not currently have enough movement toys. The children in this program may not have other opportunities to play with scooters, tricycles, and balance bikes and develop these skills. It is also meaningful for them to have these fun experiences that many families can take for granted.

  225. I have so many students who don’t have the opportunity to learn how to ride a bike at home, so this would be so great to help teach them the skills of riding a bike as well as so many other skills needed in the educational setting.

  226. I would definitely use a balance bike to teach my students who have down’s syndrome how to ride a bike. It’s the perfect bike to start with to work on core strength and sitting balance before adding pedals!

  227. I would use this bike in the schools that I work at for balance, coordination and a great brain break for sensory!!

  228. This would be a great option to use with students for working on so many different skills, including bilateral coordination, balance, endurance, movement break, core strength, and visual perceptual skills. It would be fun to use as part of a short obstacle course, and especially along a longer surface.

  229. Some may kids do not learn to ride a bike or spend time outdoors these days. This would be an awesome tool to help teach a student to feel confident in learning how to ride a bike and encourage more outdoor gross motor activities. It would help to build trust with the therapist, and build self-esteem to master a potentially scary activity that has so many positive benefits!

  230. I would use this bike to work on balance, core strength, starting and stopping, and to provide much needed vestibular input, as a stepping stone to learning to ride a pedal bike. One of my general education, intense sensory students had his most growth in the year that he started riding his bike to school! 🙂

  231. I am an OT in an area with a lot of children who do not have access to bikes, scooters, etc. This would be an awesome way to work on balance and coordination that would be motivating to kiddos! The PT I work with could also use it in a variety of ways with her students.

  232. I would use this bike with my 4 year old, and then with my almost 2 year old when she is ready. I would definitely bring this into my clinic/school based setting for children that can benefit from balance training as well!

  233. We just opened up a pediatric OT and Speech outpatient clinic in our town. We would love to have the bike as another tool to use in our clinic to work on motor planning, body awareness, coordination and balance. I have several friends that come to see me at the clinic that would not only benefit from this but would think it was super cool!

  234. I would LOVE to start training my 2 year old granddaughter to ride a bike with this! I firmly believe that kids should have a balance bike, rather than a standard bike with training wheels so that they can develop the core strength, balance, and coordination skills needed for riding a bike safely. When she outgrows it, I will bring it to my school to use with my younger students as a pre seat work activity to work on balance and vestibular integration.

  235. I have many students on my caseload that would benefit from this bike along with the PT who works in my district.

  236. This would be awesome to use in the clinic to work on balance and coordination. Would be a fun addition to obstacle courses!

  237. This is a DREAM tool to use with the special ed population to help them engage their core and extremity strength. This would help build their foundation of skills so that they could further develop their balance, coordination and endurance. Thank you for offering this great tool for a give away!

  238. This is amazing! I would use this bike for so many things including developing coordination skills and I have so many students who would love it as a sensory break! We have a big hallway outside our treatment room, so I can imagine how perfectly it would work! thanks!

  239. Balance bikes are fantastic! It’s so exciting to watch kids master the skills to ride without those pesky pedals getting in the way. : ) These are great for kids with balance insecurity because they feel more stable while sitting.

  240. I’m a COTA and so many of the kiddos are work with have core strength deficits due their diagnosis but also due to times changing where kids want to stay tuned in to the tv and electronics. I want to get these kids outside and start playing and exploring their environment more. Gross motor and core strength translates into so many other areas and I want kids to have fun while also gaining necessary skills they need to be independent.

  241. I would love to use this bike during our treatment sessions to work on balance and coordination! I may even ride it myself!

  242. I would use it with my 2y/o grandson to build his balance, coordination of lower and upper extremities, core strength, motor planning and so much more! What a lovely gift it would be, and something he needs so badly, living in a tiny townhouse with little opportunity for gross motor activities.

  243. This would be a perfect treatment session tool to use with my students to improve their balance, strength, coordination and gross motor/planning skills while they have a BLAST!!

  244. I would use this during OT sessions to promote balance + coordination and to provide sensory input to support learning!

  245. we are still having warm weather where I live and school is still in person so this would be great to work with students outdoors and prep for bike riding in spring, enhancing their leisure skills (less screen time) in addition improving their bialteral skills. also great to show parents what to do to encourage bike riding skills via zoom/google meet.

  246. This is an awesome product. I taught myself to ride a bike this way when I was a child 40 years ago. (I now know that I suffered from Gravitational Insecurity) I had to grow enough that my feet touched the ground and I ignored the pedals until I felt confident that I could maintain balance. If I won, I would share this with our children in Head Start so they could learn this way, too.

  247. I would use this bike in so many ways! I work both at a preschool and elementary schools. I would use the bike as a fun reward for the end of OT sessions to (secretly work on motor and visual skills) and build rapport/ interest in therapy participation!!

  248. What a great way to teach riding a bike! I would use this to work on proximal stability with my students. It’s great to be able to grade skills at different levels and this would be a great addition to our sensory motor tools for the preschool students that I work with.

  249. I would use this for my students with motor planning, bilateral coordination and/or vestibular issues-I have had many parents requesting help in this area over the years. I think this would also be a great tool to assist with teaching safety awareness, endless possibilities!

  250. I would use this is a tool for my son who struggles with motor planning and can not peddle his feet. I would also use it for sensory play.

  251. I work at two different schools, one school has bikes for kids to use; however, the other has no bikes. It would be great to have something like this to utilize and use with the kids, especially those who struggle with balance tasks and those who do not know how to ride a bike.

  252. This would be an amazing tool to help my kiddos at school! I could help many children for many years with this bike 🙂 This is something I don’t have a budget for but a needed tool!

  253. I work in school as a COTA with many students who could benefit from this awesome tool to help with balance coordination skills.

  254. I would use the balance bicycle to help children who have difficulty with vestibular input (over responsive) to ease them into learning how to ride the bicycle.

  255. Bike would work great for students I have that are have difficulty steering and pedaling at the same time and are either fearfully of either falling or crashing into something. Being more successful on a 2 wheel bike will sure build their self confidence!

  256. I LOVE this idea!! I know a certain 2-year old boy that I would love to see gain core strength and balance using this bike! What a great opportunity to help a child learn a skill and reap the rewards of watching him succeed!

  257. This is a great tool for developing core strength and bilateral coordination. Our students are in need of movement opportunities that support growth in these areas now more than ever. My students love our scooters and refitter. This would be a nice addition!

  258. Thanks for the opportunity to win something so awesome! As someone who works in home health as contracted through a company, I’m only limited to the supplies that I can afford and buy myself. So something like this would be amazing to offer as an activity to my clients.

  259. It would be great to have it in our preschool for therapy. Our students have some trikes but nothing that changes their balance.

  260. This bike would be great for children who experience gravitational insecurity learn to ride a bike. It’s a nice in between step for children struggling with picking their feet up off the ground to ride a bike.

  261. This would be great for my 3 year old. He likes his toddler scooting toy. To be able to help him gain confidence and skills to help him learn to ride a bike would so helpful for him.

  262. This balance bike would be a great tool to use in my in-home OT practice! I could encorporate it into obstacle courses or use it to work on balance with my kiddos.

  263. I am a motor para in our school district. Unfortunately money is scarce for equipment and tools invaluable for our kids. There are so many important attributes that balance bikes gives to children with special needs. But most importantly, learning needs to be fun.
    Thanks for considering my entry!

  264. I would love to use with my 2 to 3 year old clients in my outpatient PT clinic. This would be a great way to promote and improve balance, body control, and weight shifting.

  265. My husband races dirtbikes and this would be perfect for our almost 1 year old to practice on!
    I’m also an OT and this would also be perfect more my students!
    Either way, it would get used!!

  266. I would love to use this for my own 2.5 year old as well as my students who would love this treat to ride during school OT sessions!

  267. I would use this with several of the students that I work with in multiple school districts during our school PT sessions!!!!!

  268. What a fabulous tool this would be for the PT and OT to share! Not only will this bike work on many, many OT and PT performance components, but it works on the “super important to kids” component of being able to ride a bike…and that’s the coolest!! We have some really nice straight hallways in schools, and of course some great space outside already sectioned off for kids to safely use, due to COVID distancing guidelines. There are no words to describe seeing the smile on the face of a child when he/she has “got it” and is riding away from you all on his/her own.

  269. I would love to have this Balance bike for my students, it would be a great way for them to work on balance & building core strength, along with some vestibular stimulation. Also, great for those sensory seekers!

  270. I would use this for the students I have that struggle with the multi-tasking/motor planning of riding a bike. I can see so many of the kiddos experiencing so. much. JOY. using this bike!!

  271. Both at work (bancroft School in Southern NJ) and at home (5 year old) this bike would help children learn to love movement, volitionally.

  272. I would love this! I work for a smaller peds clinic and we do not have anything like this. I have a lot of kiddos with poor core strength and bilateral coordination skills impacting their ability to ride a bike. This would be such a great way to help work on some foundational skills for the parents to carryover at home.

  273. This would be awesome in our sensory gym. Putting out an obstacle course for them to hold balance would be so much fun!

  274. When working with my students we have a lot that need assistance with body awareness, balance and many other things. I service multiple school districts, all in low income. This would give the kids an opportunity to be able to achieve self-esteem, all while working through their occupational therapy goals.

  275. I have so many students who would benefit from this bike to learn how to ride and gain a sense of movement.