Space Theme Activities Therapy Slide Deck

space activities for kids to use in occupational therapy activities.

Have you been enjoying the occupational therapy slide decks available here on The OT Toolbox? In case you’ve missed them, the virtual therapy slide decks have been a hit with therapists seeking out OT activities that can easily be used in occupational therapy teletherapy sessions or distance learning sessions using little to no equipment. Today, … Read more

Dinosaur Proprioception Activities

dinosaur movement cards for kids to use for heavy work and coping tools to address dinosaur sized feelings

This dinosaur brain break activity is a set of free proprioception activities that provides heavy work with a dinosaur theme, making movement and proprioceptive input a fun way to address dinosaur -sized needs. Whether you are looking for heavy work activities for the kids to add to distance learning or heavy work activities for OT … Read more

Teletherapy Activities for Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy teletherapy activities

In this article on teletherapy activity ideas for kids, you will learn how to enhance a variety of skills through basic, fun activities. OT is online more than ever in recent days and therapy services may be scrambling to identify occupational therapy activities that can serve children and families in the OT telehealth format. Children … Read more

Mightier for Self-Regulation

If you are a pediatric occupational therapist working with kids on self regulation or emotional regulation, then you may have heard of Mightier. The biofeedback games help kids build emotional regulation skills by playing games as they learn calming skills to stay focused and in control through game playing. Mightier is just one tool that … Read more

Cool You’re Still on the List

Great! I’m so glad you’re still here. I know that life gets in the way of the email inbox so in case you’ve missed some recent popular posts here on The OT Toolbox, check these resources out: Teletherapy Activities for Occupational Therapy Teach Letters with a Free Virtual Therapy Slide Deck Visual Tracking Tips and … Read more

Quiet Fidget Toys for School

Looking for quiet fidget toys to support self regulation needs in a classroom setting? These quiet fidgets are the perfect occupational therapy toy that supports needs through play. The fidget tools listed below are those that are quiet in nature. You’ve probably spun a fidget spinner or two in your days (the last year or … Read more

Self-Reflection Activities for Kids

Self-reflection is a tool that kids and adults can benefit from. Reflecting on one’s actions and behaviors is a great way to grow as an individual and to meet personal goals. Think about a time you’ve set a personal goal. Maybe you wanted to start exercising and lose a few pounds. By self-reflecting on a … Read more

Sensory Strategies for the School Based OT

For the child with sensory challenges, the classroom can be an overwhelming place.  All of the sensory systems are touched on in the classroom.  When sensory systems are challenged, learning is a struggle.  School based OTs are often times consulted when students struggle with physical or sensory issues that result in educational deficits.  Previously, The … Read more