Social Emotional Learning Worksheet

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I offered this free social emotional learning worksheet to my newsletter subscribers last week and I wanted to put it on the website so you could access it to. Here’s the thing: when kids are learning about social emotional skills, starting with emotional skills is very important in social development in children. Kids who have a good baseline understanding of emotions offers a means to better understand emotional growth. Kids can use social emotional activities like this worksheet to better understand emotions, including how they feel at different times, or how their emotions change in different situations. They can understand social situations and the emotions that others might exhibit with empathy and compassion.

Social Emotional Learning Worksheet

Free Social Emotional Learning Worksheet

I love this worksheet because it is a starting point for covering social emotional development in kids. It’s a great activity for children who are just beginning to understand emotions and how they respond, or to identify what leads up to a certain emotion.

As therapists, we cover a lot on self-regulation. We talk about what’s happening “below the surface” of behaviors and meltdowns. We discuss underlying factors such as social-emotional skills, and self-awareness.

We address those trigger points by providing self-regulation tools, coping strategies, and mindfulness activities. We help kids and families master an improved quality of life so that completion of daily tasks and everyday occupations are easier and more functional.

This social emotional learning worksheet does just that!

Emotional Activities

To help kids better understand various emotions, they can use this tool to draw and color faces to match the various types of emotions.

They can then write in the given spaces to complete the sentence and identify a time when they felt that emotion.

This is a great tool for helping kids understand emotions, and foster emotional development by offering coping tools or regulation strategies if needed. It’s a great way to help kids talk about emotions and know that it’s ok to feel all of those emotions, and that everyone else does, too.

I hope this social emotional worksheet is helpful to you and those you serve!

Get this social emotional learning worksheet!

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    Social Emotional Learning Worksheet