Space Visual Discrimination Free Printable

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Visual discrimination is a skill that kids need for so many skills.  From identifying and matching socks when getting dressed and doing laundry to recognizing subtle differences in multiple choice problems, visual discrimination is a visual perceptual skill that allows kids to excel in reading, writing, and math activities or struggle!  This space visual discrimination free printable is an easy way to work on those skills with a space theme.

Visual perceptual skills are needed for so many functional skills. You’ll find easy and fun ways to work on visual perceptual skills through play here. 

This space themed visual discrimination free printable sheet is great to help kids develop visual perceptual skills.


Space Theme Visual Discrimination Activity

Use this space theme visual discrimination free printable over and over again.  You can laminate it or slide it into a page protector and write with a dry erase marker.  This is a quick activity that really boosts the skills needed to distinguish small details between objects.  
Grab your free printable by clicking the button above.  Print it off and use the sheet over and over again to address visual discrimination skills.  

Looking for more visual perceptual skill activities?  

Visual memory plays a large part in visual discrimination.  
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Use this space themed visual discrimination free printable page to help kids develop visual perceptual skills.

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