Spaceman Writing Tool

This spacing tool is an alien craft that kids can make and use as a spacing tool for handwriting. A spaceman writing tool is a powerful device to help kids with spacing in handwriting, specifically space between letters and words when writing. We’ve come up with a few different spacing tools in the past, and this space themed spacing tool helps kids better understand the concepts of spatial awareness for better legibility in written work.

This space martian spacing tool goes really well with our block light saber spacing tool!

Sometimes, a child’s handwriting doesn’t improve given time and practice in the classroom. You might see a child copying words or sentences and squishing all of the words and letters together in a long string. There might be no space or inconsistent spacing between letters and words. It can be frustrating for the child and their parent or teacher.

Spacing Tool

This spacing tool will help with spacing in handwriting in a fun way.  My second grader and I had fun creating this Space Martian Spacing Tool and using it to practice spacing between words.

Spacing tool for spatial awareness in handwriting, using a space theme

Spacing Tool for poor spacing in handwriting

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Poor spacing in handwriting can be a visual tracking problem.  It could be visual inattention or poor hand eye coordination.  Sometimes, spacing is just something that needs more practice and a visual prompt like this space alien can help.  

We’ve shared other versions of spacing tools to support these needs:

Try this easy DIY version is actually a spaceman spacer for writing…but the alien version!

Make a spacing tool with this space martian craft, and work on visual tracking, visual perceptual skills, and visual attention in handwriting.

Make a Spaceman Writing Tool

You can easily make this spacing tool with just a few materials:

  1. To make the spacing tool, ask students to use glue to add a small dot of glue to the back of the googly eye. What a great fine motor precision and eye-hand coordination job.

2. Next, stick the googly eye onto one end of the green craft stick.

3. Cut the letter C foam sticker in half. Glue each piece to the craft stick above the googly eye.

And that’s it! If you don’t have foam letter stickers, you could use small pieces of pipe cleaners or scraps of paper.

Here’s a video showing how to make this space alien spacing tool:

Work on spacing in handwriting with a spacing tool craft kids can make.

 Use this handwriting spacing tool between letters and words.  Encourage your child to move the spacer over between words.  Sometimes, just that visual cue is enough to help.  The physical act of moving the craft stick to space between words can provide enough input to a child that they become more aware of the need to space, and are able to carryover the skill without using the physical reminder for spacing.  

Visual Perception and spatial awareness in kids.  What is Spatial awareness and why do kids have trouble with spacing between letters and words, reversing letters, and all things vision.  Great tips here from an Occupational Therapist, including tips and tools to help kids with spacing in handwriting.


Another easy way to make a handwriting spacing tool involves materials you have around the home, like buttons. The main thing to address with a handwriting spacing tool is a spatial awareness and using a craft that kids can make adds meaning and motivation to work on spacing between letters and words.  

When kids learn to write, it can be difficult to work on all of the parts of handwriting.  There is holding the pencil, and using muscles to maintain a grasp while writing sentences. Then there is letter formation.  Putting it all together can be challenging.  

In Kindergarten, children really work on letter formation, and especially lower case letter formation. When you throw in the lines and spacing to writing, it can be a real frustration for a new writer!  That’s where using a fun spacing tool comes into play. It allows for appropriate spatial awareness in handwriting is accurately spacing letters within words and spacing words correctly within a sentence.      

For another spacing tool idea, try this easy (and inexpensive!) way to create a Spacing tool using buttons. This spacing tool can be used in handwriting tasks, as a tool for spacing between letters and words.  

Visual Perception and spatial awareness in kids.  What is Spatial awareness and why do kids have trouble with spacing between letters and words, reversing letters, and all things vision.  Great tips here from an Occupational Therapist, including tips and tools to help kids with spacing in handwriting.

How to make a spacing tool with buttons

Spacing between words and letters can be easy with this button spacing tool.  It’s easy to make and can be created using items you already have.  The cost of this activity should be very inexpensive, especially if you use items you already have.  

To make spacing tool you’ll need just a couple of items: (This post contains Amazon affiliate links.)

  • Craft stick
  • Glue
  • Buttons

We used a colored craft stick and brightly colored button that we received from www.craftprojectideas, but you could use any material you have in your home.  Have a bin of beads or crafting pom poms in your craft supplies?  Use beads instead of buttons. Other ideas include craft pom poms or pipe cleaners.

  1. First, glue one button to the end of a popsicle stick or even a pipe cleaner.  
  2. Let it dry.
  3. Then, use the spacing tool while your child is writing words and sentences.  Show them how to place the button spacing tool between words and sideways between letters. 

This post is part of our 31 Days of Occupational Therapy where I’m sharing tips and tools for many developmental areas using free or inexpensive materials.     For more spatial relations related to handwriting, check out our Visual Tracking activities

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Spacing tool with an alien craft.


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Spacing tool for spacing between words in handwriting